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Münsterland e.V. has been in existence since 2009.
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For the region - then and now

Münsterland e.V. was founded in 2009. Regional cooperation already played an important role in our predecessor organisations: Münsterland-Touristik - Grünes Band e.V. , founded in 1971, was committed to Münsterland-wide cooperation in the field of tourism, while Aktion Münsterland e.V., founded in 1991, strengthened the business and cultural location.

In order to ensure a uniform perception of the region, both marketing initiatives merged in 2009 to form Münsterland e.V. For 12 years now, we have been jointly promoting regional development in the form of projects and networks: in the tourism sector, for example, through the development of the Münsterland Reitroute (Münsterland Riding Route), in the business sector through the establishment of networks and projects to recruit skilled workers, and in the cultural sector, among other things, through the establishment of the Münsterland Festival and the further education series "Kulturakademie".

We do


Currently, Münsterland e.V. is increasingly taking on tasks in the context of informal spatial development, mobility and brand management. The latter will be central to the work of our association in the coming years: The profile of the region is to be further sharpened in order to be increasingly perceived in the competition between regions.