Places and towns along the Ems Cycle Route in Münsterland
Places on the Ems Cycle Route
© Münsterland e.V./Kai Marc Pel
A river connects the region
Places on the Ems Cycle Route

Places on the Ems Cycle Route

The Ems has shaped the towns on its banks for generations. Today, locals and visitors are once again drawn to the waters of Germany's smallest river. Numerous events such as "Greven an die Ems" or the "Emsfestival" use the river as a backdrop. Historic town centres, romantic buildings and the unique nature of the Ems meadows adorn the course of the Ems. All connected by the Ems Cycle Path.

Ems Cycle Route Ems Cycle Route
© Münsterland e.V. / Kai Marc Pel
From the source to the mouth
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