Podcast "SO OR SO - your Münsterland"
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The Podcast

Podcast "So or so - your Münsterland"

The podcast SO OR SO - your Münsterland
© Münsterland e.V./Christoph Steinweg/luxteufelswild

"SO OR SO - your Münsterland". The podcast from Germany's most beautiful region - presented by Münsterland e.V. Discover THE GOOD LIFE between the idyllic countryside and city flair with us in the podcast: the people, their stories and their love for the region. Experience the region briefly and compactly and let yourself be inspired. Münsterland reporter Dennis Burk takes us to exciting places. Are you ready for an acoustic micro adventure?

From now on there will be a new episode every week with a little piece of Münsterland. You can also find the podcast on all the usual platforms, such as Podigee, Soundcloud, Google Podcast, Spotify or Deezer.

Locations wanted for episode 9 to 12!

Submit proposals now

The people of Münsterland are in demand: For episodes nine to twelve, they can submit suggestions for exciting podcast locations. We are looking for favourite places that are still insider tips rather than sightseeing classics. Where do you go in Münsterland to enjoy the city flair or to breathe in the country air? Which exciting sides of our region still lie undiscovered on our own doorstep?

Suggestions can be sent by email to dasguteleben@muensterland.com or made via social media via direct message or comment (channel "MÜNSTERLAND. DAS GUTE LEBEN" on Instagram and Facebook) until 8 August.

Episode 3: The Port of Münster

If you long for water and harbour idylls, this is the place to be. Münster's harbour pulsates with the city's urban and Mediterranean life: chic cafés and restaurants directly on the harbour promenade are popular meeting places. But there is more to it than just eating, drinking and strolling. The harbour area has much more to offer: History and industrial culture, theatre and art, cinema and a show dairy. Or simply sit on the water's edge, unwind and watch rowers do their sport. Pure relaxation - in the middle of Münster!

More about Münster

Prinzipalmarkt is the heart of Münster. Prinzipalmarkt is the heart of Münster.
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Have you got the urge to conquer the Port of Münster just like in the podcast and start a tour? Then find out more on the following pages and put together your own individual Münster experience. Or get inspired by our tip for a 48-hour short trip to the Westphalian metropolis:

Episode 2: The Stromberg Castle Ruin in Oelde

Look, play, experience, pray, relax, enjoy. Anyone who visits the Stromberg castle ruins in Oelde will quickly realise: Here you can do simply everything. On a hill in the Beckum mountains, visitors immerse themselves in another world. Historical buildings and the Kreuzkirche church impress at first sight. Even the view into the far distance is no problem here - the view reaches all the way to the Sauerland. A large meadow is also suitable for a small round of football or a delicious picnic. The Stromberg castle ruins in Oelde - an ideal excursion destination for the whole family.

Tip for a short holiday in Oelde

Your MünsterLand Moment
24 hours around Oelde
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Would you like to enjoy a day with the Stromberg Plum, a few metres of altitude and a beautiful view, just like in the podcast? Then find out more on the following pages and put together your own individual Oelde experience:

Episode 1: The Ems in Rheine

Sport and nature in the midst of urban life - this is written large in Rheine on the Ems. The new trend sport of stand-up paddling is a must in the largest city in the northern Münsterland region. Here, guests and locals get to know Rheine and the surrounding area in a new way from the water. And if the wonderful nature is not enough for you, you can enjoy delicious cocktails or a delicious daily brunch at the newly redesigned Emssteg: Emsflair with a difference! Listen in now:

Video | Stand-up Paddling on the River Ems

More about Rheine

In addition to stand-up paddling, the Emsstadt Rheine offers you many other ways to enjoy your free time and THE GOOD LIFE: a trip to the nature zoo, a breath of salty air in the Salinenpark or a few quiet moments at the beautiful Bentlage Monastery. In addition, there are many events and activities that make the city colourful and lively.

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You want to do it just like in the podcast and experience a day with stand-up paddling, brunch and city flair? Then take a look at the providers' pages and put together your own individual Rheine experience:

The "SO OR SO" podcast author

Dennis Burk Dennis Burk
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"Radio is cinema in the head - has been my motto for over 20 years! Growing up in Siegen, I moved to Münsterland in 2006 to present on the radio for many years. In those eight years I learned to appreciate and love the region. After my Bavarian exile, I came back in 2020 and continue with radio and television where I left off back then: Enjoying my adopted home! And because there are still so many unknown places here, I want to go on an acoustic discovery tour with you."

Dennis Burk, long-time radio presenter and journalist