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Part-time training

Those who have children to take care of, are caring for a relative or are physically limited themselves can still do vocational training - and do it part-time. TEP (Teilzeitberufsausbildung - Einstieg begleiten - Perspektiven öffnen - Part-time Vocational Training - Accompanying the Start - Opening Perspectives) additionally supports participants with the organisation and helps them to prepare the start of their training in the best possible way. It accompanies them in their search for an in-company training place on a part-time basis and provides assistance in reconciling family and training. The participants are coached, qualified and professionally prepared and individually accompanied during the first months of training.

In principle, companies and employees can reduce working hours (and pay) in part-time training to 25, usually 30 hours per week including vocational school tuition, without extending the duration of the training. The daily working time should not exceed six hours. If this number of hours is still too high, it is possible to extend the training by up to one year and to reduce the weekly working hours to 20 hours including vocational school. Both are possible even if training is already in progress.

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Further information from the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs is available here.

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