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Media packages

Together we want to give the Münsterland more charisma. So that we can do this together, Münsterland e.V. provides media packages free of charge for the various campaigns and activities - for representatives from the media, press offices, members, partners. We welcome anyone and everyone who wants to support us in our campaigns and actions in a publicity-effective way.

The media packs contain graphics for Facebook and Instagram as well as videos.

Campaign: Castle Whispers

Under the title "Schlossgeflüster" (Castle Whispers), Münsterland e.V. has published 20 audio journeys with exciting facts about past times, historical buildings and noble families. Among them are well-known and public as well as private houses. With interviews, narrations, music and sounds, a varied radio play mix has been created, lasting six minutes on average.

The short stories were created as part of the ERDF funding project "Palaces and Castles Region Münsterland" and can be found online at

Hashtags of the campaign

#muensterland #thegoodlife #castlewhisper #hearingjourneys

Active advertising period

End of February 2023 until autumn 2023

Content Media package

  • Pictures of castles with graphics
  • Images of castles without graphics
  • Cover picture with all castles
  • Postcard audio tours
  • Press release from Münsterland e.V.
  • Template for individual press release

Expired campaigns

Give the Gift of a Picnic" campaign (Winter 2020)

Give away picnic joy and support local trade at the same time - with the "Give away a picnic" campaign. Together with Münsterland e.V., almost 50 sales outlets in the Münsterland region offer a filled picnic box for sale during the Advent season with all kinds of regional specialities, vouchers or gift ideas. The selection of picnic boxes can be found on the website website. The boxes are packed very differently: sometimes with regional beer or mulled wine, sometimes with greeting cards, sometimes with fresh biscuits, sometimes with chocolate and honey. Whether a breakfast picnic for Advent, a picnic as an Advent calendar door or a picnic as a Christmas gift - there are many possibilities here.

Hashtags of the campaign

#münsterland #thegoodlife #giftpicnic #picnicmünsterland

Your contact persons

Laura Woolfenden
© Münsterland e.V./Anja Tiwisina
Laura Woolfenden
Franziska Niemeyer
© Münsterland e.V./Anja Tiwisina
Franziska Niemeyer

Cycling study Münsterland 2022

It is the largest evaluation of tourist cycling ever carried out in the region: commissioned by Münsterland e.V., 22 counting stations have been used for a whole year since November 2021 and surveys have been conducted throughout the Münsterland since early summer 2022 to record how many of the cyclists counted are on the 100 Castles Route for tourism. The aim is to have reliable and up-to-date data as a basis for decision-making when it comes to future-proof, target-group-oriented or new offers.

It is important for reliable data that as many people as possible participate in the guest survey. With our media package, tourist information offices, partner businesses, restaurants and hotels can draw attention to the survey and promote participation.

Active implementation period of the guest survey: 1 April 2022 to 31 November 2022.

Content Media package:

  • Text templates for social media, newsletter or website
  • Graphic templates for Facebook and Instagram posts and stories
  • Images in two different sizes
  • DIN A3 poster template
  • QR code

Contact persons

Kerstin Clev
© Münsterland e.V./Anja Tiwisina
Kerstin Clev
Tourism marketing
Cycling region
Project "Palaces and Castles Region
Project "Quality Management

0049 2571 94 93 07

Hans-Joachim Gerdemann
© Münsterland e.V./Anja Tiwisina
Hans-Joachim Gerdemann
Tour planner
Project "Quality Management

0049 2571 94 93 30

Returnee campaign: Homecoming@Münsterland

Going back to get ahead: Homecoming@Münsterland" campaign attracts returnees back to Münsterland as skilled workers

"Do you remember back then?" - A classic question to those who are visiting home in Münsterland. It is precisely these "good old days" that the Onboarding@Münsterland service wants to appeal to in order to bring returnees back to the region as skilled workers. The campaign has been running nationwide since April and relies on a broad employer network throughout Münsterland.

The campaign website provides comprehensive information on working, living and working in Münsterland. In addition, stories from people who have already returned underline the campaign message: go back to move forward. More information in our press release.

Active advertising period: 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022

Campaign hashtags

#muensterland #thegoodlife #homecoming #career #cominghome #returning #muensterlandlove #homelove

Download graphics and videos for social media

Your contact

Eva Kleingräber
© Münsterland e.V./Anja Tiwisina
Eva Kleingräber
Service Onboarding@Münsterland

Tourist campaign: Short holiday, long dream (summer 2021)

Finally, the time has come again: summer is in the starting blocks and the Münsterland is ready for its guests. Very special moments can be experienced on a bike tour on the famous 100 Castles Route - the "queen of bike routes". On one day, for a weekend or as a short holiday over several days. Under the motto "Short holiday, long dream", Münsterland e.V. has put together the right saddle bag for everyone.

On the campaign homepage, inspirations for day tours as well as directly bookable package deals for multi-day tours on the 100 Castles Route are presented in a bundle. More information is available in our press release.

Active advertising period

25 June to 31 October 2021

Hashtags of the campaign

#münsterland #thegoodlife #holiday #100castles route

Your Yes to Münsterland" campaign (WINTER 2020)

Because regional doesn't matter: Münsterland e.V. promotes Christmas shopping in the region

Whether it's the lovingly run shop around the corner, the regional online shop or the local artisan: they all stand for the good life in Münsterland and need the support of the region, especially during this difficult time. That is why the regional management organisation Münsterland e.V. has launched the campaign "Dein Ja zum Münsterland" (Your Yes to Münsterland): it encourages Christmas shopping in Münsterland, whether locally or by mouse click, and puts the spotlight on the diverse regional offerings. The website provides inspiration for Münsterland gift ideas, tips on regional online shops, delivery services and vouchers, as well as information on special campaigns by the Münsterland municipalities. More information in our press release.

Active advertising period: 24 November to 20 December 2020

Hashtags of the campaign

#münsterland #theguteleben #yourjazummünsterland #supportyourlocals