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The Münsterland brand is presented to the public in Speicher 10 in Münster.
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Münsterland - OUR BRAND

Welcome to the pages of our Münsterland regional brand.

Join us in making Münsterland a region with charisma. Together with you, we want to make the strengths of our beautiful region visible and bring them to life through joint initiatives. With the Münsterland brand, we don't just want to convey a pretty picture, but the identity and special features of our region in an emotional way.

On these pages you will find information on the brand strategy and soon also materials to become part of the brand.


Not all people know the Münsterland. A brand that they encounter again and again and that makes the strengths of the region visible can change that. Because a brand is an opportunity. An opportunity for cooperation, an opportunity for strength and an opportunity for perception.

We want the Münsterland to gain more charisma in the future - both in the cities and in the countryside. Professionals, tourists, residents or visitors should know that THE GOOD LIFE awaits them in Münsterland.

Show your affiliation and commitment to the region.
Show that your institution, your city or your company belongs to Münsterland.
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We would be delighted if you would like to become part of the brand.

In principle, the use of the Münsterland brand is open to all companies and organisations that help to raise the profile of the Münsterland as a quality brand and increase its awareness through their work, products or services.

The region logo may be used free of charge on your website or in your print media. However, it may not be used to market products (e.g. in product advertising, on product packaging, price tags or labels) without prior agreement.

You can find the detailed terms of use of the Münsterland brand here.

THE GOOD LIFE in Münsterland is conveyed via a figurative and word mark (logo), a claim and numerous other design features. If you are interested in adopting this new corporate design or just the region logo for your media, please contact us or register as a user for the brand portal. In the protected area of the brand portal you will find various files (e.g. the region logo) for download.

Register and become part of the Münsterland brand:

NEW CLAIM, new logo

New claim and logo for the Münsterland region

It is an important step in the branding process as well as on the way to a strong and networked region: On 3 July, during its general meeting, Münsterland e.V. presented to around 150 stakeholders in the region the new image with which Münsterland intends to present itself jointly in the future: The claim "MÜNSTERLAND. THE GOOD LIFE." as well as a new logo are part of a communication concept that is intended to make the region better known, more attractive and stronger in the coming years.

More in the press release of 3 July 2019.


What is the identity of the Münsterland?
What do we want to stand for in the future?
What makes us particularly attractive?

These questions are central to the self-image of our region and our external impact. The region has answered them: Institutions, entrepreneurs and multipliers have put their hearts and minds into defining the Münsterland brand so that the region can focus and sharpen its profile. Skilled workers, tourists and citizens should feel at home in Münsterland and, of course, stay there.

The Münsterländer - A description of our characteristics

The Münsterländer are helpful and sociable. They cultivate their common interests in clubs and at events. They are committed to the common good and network economic competences.

Münsterlanders are imaginative and flexible in tackling new challenges. This mentality and the pursuit of efficiency make the region lively and economically strong.

Whether in research, technology, sport or culture - with healthy ambition, aspiration, discipline and diligence, the Münsterlanders succeed in generating progress and taking the lead in many areas.

Residents and visitors alike enjoy the many facets of nature in the region. Nature is not seen as a usable accessory, but is understood, appreciated and preserved as a high good.

The Münsterlanders do not act lightly. They analyse the added value for themselves and the community in advance and implement their plans with sense and reason - a sign of sovereignty.

Our brand positioning

The positioning describes the desired position in the market and in competition as well as the goals for the future brand development of the region. It creates a distinctive position in comparison to the competition.

The most cultivated Landlust for my self-determined life.

Münsterland stands for the longing and desire for a cultivated country life - open, dynamic and compactly urban. People with a mind of their own and the aspiration to develop this region into their own living space shape the character and mood. The region allows this own rhythm and creates the sovereign feeling of having things in one's own hands.

Münster is Münsterland's urbanity. Cosmopolitanism, entrepreneurial spirit and excellence in science go hand in hand with down-to-earthness and manageability. Citizens with a mind of their own and the ambition to develop this city into their own space shape its character and atmosphere. With this strong individuality, the city enables the feeling of a sovereign way of life.


You still can't get a clear picture of what media will look like in the new brand design? Here we have put together an overview with examples for you. Münsterland e.V. and some of the region's stakeholders have already set out on the road.

Our image film

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In the course of the branding process, the region has jointly agreed on three key themes: The Onboarding@Münsterland service is used to attract skilled workers. The key theme of picnics makes it possible to experience the Münsterland lifestyle and is represented by the Picknick³ project. The project of Münster University of Applied Sciences, münster.land.leben, is dedicated to health in rural areas. The promotion of tourism was the goal of the campaign "Dein MünsterLand Moment #dasguteleben" (Your MünsterLand Moment #thegoodlife), which in summer 2020 whetted the appetite of tourists, day visitors and locals for THE GOOD LIFE in the city and the region.

The process

Learn more about the path to the Münsterland brand. We'll show you the players we've already worked with to get here.

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