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Münsterland Regional Agency

An attractive economic region needs sustainable companies and qualified employees. This is what the Münsterland Regional Agency is working for. It strengthens employees, employers, job seekers and all other stakeholders to make the labour market in Münsterland even better.

The Münsterland Regional Agency is based at the regional management organisation Münsterland e.V. and provides an overview of labour market policy support instruments, concepts, programmes and projects. It shows companies what opportunities are available and how versatile they are - and also provides support with applications for them. As an interface in labour market policy between the region, the state of NRW and the EU, it also provides information on current topics and creates points of view. The focus is on digitalisation and the recruitment of skilled workers, but also on the social aspects of the labour market such as fair pay and inclusive employment.

With financial support from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the European Social Fund:

Aus(bildungs)checker: Because training pays off

The son disappears for hours in the workshop? The daughter prefers to be on the construction site? The best prerequisite for an apprenticeship! In order to get even more pupils interested in precisely this educational path, the Münsterland Regional Agency, together with the NRW Training Consensus, has launched the "Aus(bildungs)checker" campaign. This campaign is not only aimed at young people, but also explicitly at their parents. It informs about the advantages of vocational training and wants to encourage parents to support their child in this decision for the future.

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Much more information, for example on the topics of digitalisation, skilled workers, qualifications and information, can be found on the following pages:

Service Onboarding

As a welcome service, the Onboarding Service of Münsterland e.V. supports both skilled workers arriving in Münsterland and employers in the region in securing skilled workers. Employer branding and the onboarding of employees in their new place of residence are not only the responsibility of employers, but also of the region.