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Living in Münsterland makes you happy
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Makes happy:
Living in Münsterland

Living in Münsterland

Have you recently moved to Münsterland or are you still thinking about moving to our region? A very good choice! Because in Münsterland, THE GOOD LIFE awaits you in all its facets, both in the city and in the countryside. No matter whether you want a house or a flat, own or rent, with or without a garden and so on - in Münsterland there are all kinds of possibilities. Around 1.6 million Münsterlanders warmly welcome you.

Do you have a lot of questions about your new region? For example, about where to live, how to find a flat, how to get there, job opportunities or childcare? No problem! The free Onboarding@Münsterland service is there to help you and your family get settled. After all, choosing a job is always a decision about where to live.

Münsterland is home. We look forward to meeting you and your family!

Where is the Münsterland?

Geographically, the Münsterland forms the northern part of North Rhine-Westphalia. It stretches from the upper edge of the Ruhr region to Lower Saxony and borders on the Netherlands in the west. The urban centre of Münsterland is the city of Münster. It is surrounded by a total of four administrative districts: Borken, Coesfeld, Steinfurt and Warendorf:

Living in the city and in the countryside

According to the SKL Happiness Atlas 2022, Münsterland is the happiest region in Germany; people like living here. How and where would you like to live? Our region promises you with its motto "MÜNSTERLAND. THE GOOD LIFE", our region promises you the opportunity to find exactly what makes you happy. In the city, in the countryside or just in between!

No matter what property you are looking for, whether a detached house in the countryside, a loft flat with a roof terrace or a stylish flat in an old building, whether to rent or buy: Münsterland offers something for every taste. It's a good place to live, down-to-earth, communal, safe and with plenty to offer for young and old. So there's plenty of room to realise your dreams and help shape your living space.

By the way: in 2020, the district of Steinfurt even took first place among all districts in NRW in the creation of affordable housing.

Places of residence in Münsterland

Building sustainably: Recycled houses

Two brothers from Münsterland have a vision: new buildings made from construction and demolition waste. This is made possible by prefabricated elements made of recycled concrete, which are just as safe and stable as prefabricated concrete elements made of primary raw materials. Two show houses are already in the making ...

Assembly recycling house Assembly recycling house
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Old becomes new
Sustainable construction with recycled concrete
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The recreational and leisure value of the Münsterland region is always convincing and is an important factor for many when choosing a place to live. The beauty of the region is characterised by predominantly flat landscapes with lots of greenery, gardens, parks and charming towns. You can cycle, ride or walk everywhere.

Here you can find out about leisure activities in the tourist area:

Insider tips from locals

Insider tips for excursions, cycling tours, the best restaurants and photo spots: The MünsterlandBlog "Experience the Good" offers you all this. Here, the staff of Münsterland e.V. provide first-hand recommendations and experiences for your next holiday or excursion in the region.

Alpaca walk in the Münsterland Alpaca walk in the Münsterland
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Experience the good
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Mobile through the Münsterland

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