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Nature conservation is a top priority in Münsterland
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Nature and environment

Nature and environment

The people of Münsterland are close to nature. They value their environment and nature and attach particular importance to the issue of sustainability. This ranges from electricity from renewable energies to regional food. Many best-practice examples show that Münsterland is climate land . If you too are looking for regional products when shopping, you can be guided by the Münsterland seal, for example. Or buy directly from the many producers in the farm shops . On these pages you can find out more about the environment, nature, climate protection and nutrition in Münsterland.

Climate protection

Münsterland knows a thing or two about green electricity. Especially when it comes to wind power. Especially in the northern Münsterland, for example, every opportunity is being taken in many places to exploit the potential of electricity from wind power. The municipalities of Stadtlohn and Bocholt are at the top of the list in terms of wind energy, having even exceeded their potential and thus ranking among the top 10 in NRW. Energy efficiency, renewable energies and decentralised energy production are also important aspects for many companies. Energy storage research, bioenergy and agricultural technology have an above-average presence in the region and continue to grow.

Around a third of the electricity consumed here comes from renewable energies, and the share is constantly increasing. There are now more than 1,000 wind turbines in the region, and almost 70,000 solar panels are connected to the grid in Münsterland.

And the region is coming up with a lot of other ideas to make Münsterland a climate land : Municipalities are on the way to climate neutrality, are increasingly relying on renewable energies or are focusing on new mobility concepts. And the citizens are always in the boat. Learn more:

Landscape Münsterland Landscape Münsterland
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Together for climate protection
Münsterland is climate land
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Climate education and biodiversity

Would you also like to give your children some information? We have compiled a number of offers under the heading " Climate education " to address the topics of environmental protection, climate change and renewable energies with fun and games. And we have also collected some ideas for exciting family excursions in the region around nature and climate protection.

In addition, biodiversity is close to people's hearts. Many people's gardens, balconies and terraces are blooming, buzzing and humming. And all this in the midst of flowers, shrubs and other plants. For Münsterlanders, it is gardening time at almost any time, so that they can enjoy doing something for climate protection and against the loss of biodiversity and the consequences of climate change. Do you also have a green thumb? Then take a look at Münsterland blüht auf. There we have compiled a lot of information and tips on the topics of climate protection and biodiversity.

The Münsterland Seal

The Münsterland tastes good! Nutrition plays an important role here. With a lot of heart, many years of experience and the knowledge of the best ways to grow, produce and process, high-quality food is produced in the Münsterland. The Münsterland seal identifies products that are demonstrably grown, harvested, produced or refined here. In restaurants, the seal shows that the chefs use ingredients from the Münsterland for the vast majority of their dishes. Experience the taste of Münsterland!

Shopping regionally in the farm shops

Do you like to shop locally? Then we have another tip for you: discover the region's farm shops! Münsterland is an agricultural region and many of the beautiful farms in the region are at the forefront of direct marketing. And nowhere else can you get fresher products than where they were produced. Whether it's fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese or baked goods - numerous farm shops in Münsterland invite you to discover the region's culinary delights. Take your holiday moment home with you!

Farm shop Schulze Rötering Farm shop Schulze Rötering
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Shop regionally
Farm shops in the Münsterland
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Mobile through the Münsterland

On the road in Münsterland by bike and train On the road in Münsterland by bike and train
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Climate-friendly travel by bike, bus and train

The best way to travel in Münsterland in a climate-friendly way is by bike or bus and train. And you have many options. Because the region not only has so much to offer leisure cyclists on its 4500 kilometres of cycle paths. Those who like to commute to work by leeze are also in the right place here. There is a good network of cycle paths, good signposting, mostly flat terrain and the cycle route network is constantly being expanded.

In addition, there are good rail connections as well as express bus lines from Münsterland and especially from the regional centre of Münster. In rural areas, citizens' buses also connect smaller communities with their neighbours. You can find out more about mobility in Münsterland here.

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