Places in Münsterland
Orte im Münsterland
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The places in Münsterland

The charming towns of the Münsterland blend harmoniously into the gentle landscape. Red clinker brick and fine sandstone radiate calm and serenity, while modern architecture sets accents and exciting contrasts. Historic town centres are flanked by well-tended gardens and parks, creating a sense of well-being far away from everyday life. When a castle stretches its towers into the sky nearby, you have certainly arrived in Münsterland.

Urban flair, a lively cultural scene and a unique cityscape are what Münster offers - one of the most liveable cities in the world. There, the famous Prinzipalmarkt is a symbol of the successful combination of tradition and modernity: beautiful old architecture meets shopping experience at a high level.

Münsterland - a combination of city and countryside, of liveliness and country lust. The good life can be felt at first hand in 70 towns and villages.

The places in Münsterland

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