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The Onboarding@Münsterland service is aimed at (new) skilled workers as well as employers. Skilled workers are supported in arriving and settling in Münsterland, employers in the region in recruiting skilled workers. The Münsterland-wide service is intended to strengthen the Münsterland as an attractive region to work and live in and to make it perceivable beyond its borders. After all, choosing a job is always a decision about where to live in the future.

Newcomers and ret urnees are supported by the Welcome Service in finding their way around their new home, receive information on the topics of work, housing and life, are given personal advice and can make new contacts at welcome events. After all, it is important to welcome employees in an appreciative manner not only from the employer's side, but also from the region.

The service bringsemployers together in a Münsterland-wide network. True to the motto "We show who we are", attractive employers from the region become visible to skilled workers. Members not only receive support with employer branding, but can also offer their future employees a counselling service during the application process.

The Onboarding@Münsterland service is a regional initiative of employers and economic players in the Münsterland region and is implemented by Münsterland e.V. with the support of numerous institutions. It has been tested in practice since May 2019 and officially launched throughout Münsterland in spring 2020. The first welcome events have already taken place and are currently being continued online.

Around 50 TOP employers from the region are now also gathered in the employer network. In April 2021, the Homecoming@Münsterland campaign was also launched, which aims to bring native Münsterlanders back to the region as skilled workers.

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The term

"Onboarding" is a term used in human resource management to describe the systematic introduction of new employees to their field of work. Concrete, coordinated measures are intended to support employees in finding their way around and integrating with the employer. The goal of an "onboarding process" is, among other things, a high level of identification with the employer in order to achieve long-term and sustainable employee loyalty.

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Monika Leiking
Head of Service Onboarding@Münsterland

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Eva Kleingräber
Service Onboarding@Münsterland

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