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Münsterland Regional Agency
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Offers for employees

We. For the employees.

The Münsterland Regional Agency shows employees what opportunities there are for changing careers, getting ahead or gaining further qualifications. It also helps people who need support on their way into training or a job to find the right offers. In addition, the Regional Agency focuses on new developments and topics on the labour market, and initiates discussions and opportunities for a change of perspective. The Regional Agency is based at Münsterland e.V..

Pathways to training

Training is the basic prerequisite for professional success - but life's paths do not always run straight ahead. The Münsterland Regional Agency shows those who need support on the path to training what options they have.

Ways into the job

Career paths and the path to a job do not always follow a straight line. The Münsterland Regional Agency shows people who need support on their way into a job what special opportunities there are for them.

Pathways to career change

Anyone who wants to change or advance in their career can often use support along the way. The Münsterland Regional Agency provides information about the relevant funding opportunities and points out possibilities.