Innovations in the Münsterland
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Münsterland Innovation Region

Change, redesign, progress: topics that are of enormous importance in Münsterland. Because a company's or business's ability to innovate determines its future - and this has long since reached the companies and employees in Münsterland.
They see social changes such as the digital transformation as an opportunity for improvement. Innovations are often driven by the management and developed together with the customer based on the specific problem or need.

In doing so, they recognise the opportunities of digitalisation and implement them - for new products and business models, for opening up new markets, for more efficiency in work processes and for more varied and interesting fields of work.

You can find some exciting examples of this innovative power in our Innovation Stories. In them, companies report on their successes through new developments - which have often come about through cooperation with other players in Münsterland.

Innovation Stories

Numerous innovations originate from the Münsterland region. Numerous innovations originate from the Münsterland region.
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Ideas from the Münsterland
Innovation Stories
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Special competences

Would you like to know in which areas the Münsterland is particularly active? Then click through the innovation competence fields. You can find out more about innovation in our FAQs.

Innovations and networks

What else is happening in the region that is so exciting and innovative? Quite a lot! This is demonstrated by the Münsterland Innovation Award, which is presented every two years. In 2019, it awarded prizes to particularly inventive entrepreneurs: Some invented a digital business model that makes work easier for insurance companies with the help of artificial intelligence. Others developed a sustainable alternative to the conventional spin-on oil filter. And just as exciting was the idea of hairdresser Frank Brormann, whose cutting tool cuts hair at an angle instead of straight. You can find out even more about the award winners here.

And companies, universities and institutions are also in constant exchange in their everyday work, exchanging ideas with each other in networks or at events such as the Innovation Forum .

Special projects on the topic of innovation

Your contact persons for innovations

Bernd Büdding
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Bernd Büdding
Enabling Networks Münsterland" project

0049 2571 94 93 27

Sonja Raiber
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Sonja Raiber
Enabling Networks Münsterland" project

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Workshops, seminars, consulting

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Realign processes with chatbots
01.02.2022, 15:00 01.02.2022, 18:30
Organiser: FH Münster, Institut für Prozessmanagement und Digitale Transformation (IPD)

Companies are facing new challenges in digital customer communication.

Today, customers expect to be served at any time, at any place and immediately. Companies must respond to these customer expectations, but must not lose sight of economic efficiency. IT providers promise to revolutionise digital customer communication with chatbots. With this online seminar, we give you a neutral insight into the topic of chatbots. Practical exercises for implementation in your company round off the online seminar.

01.02.2022, 15:00 01.02.2022, 18:30

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