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Holidays and leisure in Münsterland
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Here you will experience dreamlike moments

We show you the treasures of the region

Magnificent moated castles and impressive fortresses, exciting towns and original villages, beautiful nature in vast parkland: that is the Münsterland. Located in the northwest of Westphalia, on the border with the Netherlands and Lower Saxony, this diverse region offers countless surprises and a thousand and one ways to enjoy life at a picnic in the open air. Whether you live in Münsterland, work here, are taking a trip to the region or have never been here before, the treasures of Münsterland are waiting to be discovered. We'll help you do it!

...richly rewarded by history

The region looks back on an eventful history. The testimonies of times long past are today the great treasures of Münsterland. Romantic manor houses hide behind sparse forests, fantastic castles impress with their size and playfulness and mighty walls enclose mighty castles.

Palaces and castles in the Münsterland Palaces and castles in the Münsterland
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Castles & Palaces
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Achtsam reisen im Münsterland Achtsam reisen im Münsterland
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Cycling trips on the 100 Castles Route
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High in the saddle through the park landscape

Slow down your journey through Münsterland, otherwise you'll miss out on the best. Just do what the Münsterlanders do and take your bike or horse to discover the region. Countless cycle paths and bridleways criss-cross the Münsterland and connect the charming towns and the most beautiful sights.

Cycling in the Münsterland Cycling in the Münsterland
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Where the bicycle is at home
The most beautiful cycling tours
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Münsterland in every season

It doesn't matter whether the plum trees are in blossom, the lush meadows invite you to picnic, the pumpkin season is starting or the castles are transformed into a winter fairytale: Münsterland is worth a trip at any time of year. Come along and get to know the individual charm of each season. There is a lot to discover here!

Autumn in the Münsterland Autumn in the Münsterland
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The golden season
Autumn light in the Münsterland
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The next holiday is just a click away

The holiday experts from Münsterland have come up with the most beautiful trips and put together a nice travel package for you. Come for a day trip, stay for a short holiday or simply go on a real holiday in Münsterland. Here you can enjoy THE GOOD LIFE. And if you're looking for accommodation - we have more than 500 of them.

Travel offers Münsterland Travel offers Münsterland
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Creative, traditional, surprising ... Be part of it!

In Münsterland, castles are transformed into shining lights, green spaces into concert halls, meadows into marketplaces and shopping streets into dining rooms. There is hardly a day in Münsterland when there is no celebration, music, reading or dancing. Indoors and outdoors. Visit the events and happenings in Münsterland - always real, always authentic. Simply THE GOOD LIFE.

Events in the Münsterland Events in the Münsterland
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Die Alltagsmenschen am Schloss Nordkirchen Die Alltagsmenschen am Schloss Nordkirchen
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Everything but ordinary
Everyday People
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