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Numerous companies in the Münsterland region are top performers in their field.
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Company in Münsterland
Companies in Münsterland deliver top performance
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Top performance
Company in Münsterland

Company in Münsterland

A region full of hidden champions

The Münsterland is a region of doers: instead of talking about something for a long time, things are simply put into practice here. Between meadows and hedgerows, innovative products are invented that go around the world. From small and picturesque places, our companies and businesses export all over the world.

The unknown world market leaders

But hardly anyone knows about them. Because the economic strength of the Münsterland lies above all in the small and medium-sized enterprises. Some of them are among the so-called "hidden champions". Although they have a large share in the economic success of the region, they are rather unknown to the public because they serve a niche market and/or are owner-managed.

What are Hidden Champions?

To be considered a hidden champion, a company must meet three criteria:

  • be among the top 3 companies on the world market or be number 1 on a continent
  • have a turnover of less than 5 billion euros
  • have a low level of public awareness

Who the hidden champions are in NRW was determined in a study in 2021. The Research Centre for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises at the University of Trier conducted this study on behalf of the NRW Ministry of Economics. Among the 690 secret market leaders in NRW are 60 companies from the Münsterland region. This makes the region one of the top 5 in the federal state.

Hidden champions in detail

The list of hidden champions in Münsterland is long. That's why only a small selection is presented here. But you can see all the secret world market leaders on the map. Most of them are active in the industrial sector. Especially mechanical engineering and the rubber and plastics industry stand out.

More portraits will follow...

All hidden champions at a glance

Innovation Stories: Success stories from the region

Ever heard of an environmentally friendly labelling machine? Or a smart walking stick? Or a sustainable underfloor heating system? These are just a few examples of particularly innovative ideas from Münsterland. And they are all successful because they were launched as cooperative projects. Because when different companies, institutions or scientific facilities put their heads together, the entire region often benefits.

Numerous innovations originate from the Münsterland region. Numerous innovations originate from the Münsterland region.
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Ideas from the Münsterland
Innovation Stories
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Working for top employers

Sounds exciting? Then take a look at our attractive employers in Münsterland. They offer you security, challenges and plenty of room for creativity. And all this in the middle of a dynamic economic region with a high quality of life:

Top employer in Münsterland Top employer in Münsterland
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TOP employer in Münsterland
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