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Picnic³, the attitude to life in Münsterland. Here at the Aasee in Münster.
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The attitude to life in the region


Gardens, parks and promenades: probably nowhere else in Germany will you find so many perfect picnic spots and such a variety of picnic events as in Münsterland.

That's why Münsterland is setting out to make picnicking a trademark of the region. Whether in the park, by the lake, along the canal or in the middle of the city; whether at the nature zoo in Rheine, at the moonlight cinema in Oelder Vier-Jahreszeiten-Park or along the Nabu nature enjoyment route. Whether alone, romantically as a couple or in a group - in Münsterland everyone will find his or her personal favourite place for a relaxing time out and a cosy get-together under the open sky.

What's more, the Münsterland with its scenic treasures is not only a treat for the eyes. It also produces plenty of delicious products that are best bought or tasted fresh in the region and fit into any picnic basket.

The term picnic³

Picnic sums up the quality of life and the attitude to life in Münsterland and symbolises the closeness to nature and community of the Münsterlanders. The addition "hoch drei" (to the power of three) formulates the claim to make this attitude to life visible and establish it in unusual places, in companies, in associations or through art and culture.

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