Münsterland Regional Agency
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We. For the companies.

The Münsterland Regional Agency supports small and medium-sized enterprises in making themselves and their employees fit for the future. It provides information about funding instruments, concepts, programmes and projects. The focus is on digitalisation, recruiting skilled workers and developing potential. For some offers, the regional agency also provides concrete advice and shows what opportunities they offer companies and how they can be used in the best possible way. In addition, the regional agency brings new developments and topics on the labour market into focus, initiates discussions and opportunities for rethinking.

Find out about the following programmes:


Digitalisation is making the world of work faster and more diverse. It offers numerous opportunities. The Münsterland Regional Agency shows companies how they can master digitalisation and use it profitably for themselves.


Economic change demands a high degree of constant willingness to change, even from small and medium-sized enterprises. The impetus for this can often be found in the workforce. Willingness to change is also necessary to find skilled workers and to recognise new target groups of skilled workers.


The shortage of skilled workers is already making itself felt in many sectors in Münsterland. The Münsterland Regional Agency shows companies how they can find skilled workers and tap into new target groups of skilled workers. The focus is on those skilled workers who need support on their way into training or a job.