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Developing potential in the care sector is currently one of the most important labour market policy issues - especially due to the significant shortage of skilled workers that already exists in this sector in the region. The Münsterland Regional Agency is focusing on this issue by providing information about two promising projects on the topic:

Buurtzorg transfers the Dutch model of neighbourhood assistance in home care to Münsterland. In concrete terms, this means that each nurse is responsible for the entire, broad range of care activities offered. Thus, in addition to medical care, the employees also take care of the preparation and implementation of care plans, administration of application forms and billing. This holistic approach ensures a high degree of personal responsibility and independence. In addition, Buurtzorg does not charge by the care provided, but by the time - an equally innovative approach.

The Strong Care project in Münster motivates employers to reverse the understanding of roles: It is no longer only the applicant who has to convince with his CV and stand out from the crowd. The companies also have to show what they can score with and what distinguishes them as good employers - with models for the compatibility of family and work, company health promotion and further training opportunities.

At the same time, the aim is to improve the image of the profession, to dispel prejudices and to highlight the positive aspects - and thus, for example, to attract career changers to the job.

Make a career in the health and care sector!

Do you like being with people? Then why not do an apprenticeship in nursing?
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You are "good with people"? Perfect, welcome to nursing! Get excited about your future in health and care professions - because they are more important than ever and are needed everywhere. That's why the Regional Agency Münsterland and the Municipal Coordination Office of the District of Warendorf are currently holding an exhibition to provide information about this branch of training.

Have we aroused your interest? Great! In an accompanying booklet, which you can download below, you will find addresses of companies where you can do your career exploration day or your school internship. This way you can find out whether a health or nursing profession is your thing. We also tell you what requirements you need to meet and introduce you to trainees who can tell you about their experiences.

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