Travelling to Münsterland by car, bus, train or plane
journey to Münsterland
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Surprisingly simple
Journey to Münsterland

Arrival by car

There is hardly any other rural region in Germany that is so easily and quickly accessible by car. Several motorways and well-developed federal roads open up the region. So, at least in Münsterland, the holiday starts with the journey.

Distances to Münster

Berlin 472 kmHamburg 281 km
Bremen 170 kmHanover 191 km
Dortmund 70 kmKassel 206 km
Düsseldorf 128 kmMunich 661 km
Essen 99 kmStuttgart 473 km
Frankfurt 279 kmWürzburg 387 km

A1: Hamburg-Bremen-Münster-Dortmund-Cologne

The motorway runs north-south through central Münsterland. Places such as Ascheberg, Greven, Münster, Tecklenburg and Werne are easily accessible via the A1.

A2: Oberhausen-Dortmund-Hanover

This motorway connects the south-eastern Münsterland region in an east-west direction, from where you can reach places such as Ahlen, Bad Waldliesborn, Beckum, Ennigerloh, Oelde and Warendorf.

A3: Cologne-Oberhausen-Arnhem

The motorway leads you in a north-south direction into the western Münsterland. The A3 is your fast route to places like Bocholt, Isselburg and Rhede.

A31: Oberhausen-Borken-Gronau-Emden

The A31 runs north-south through the western Münsterland region. This makes it particularly convenient to travel to places like Ahaus, Borken, Coesfeld, Gronau and Steinfurt.

A43: Wuppertal-Recklinghausen-Münster

The A43 runs north-south through the southern regions of central Münsterland. Ideal for travelling to Haltern am See, Dülmen, Nottuln, Sendne and Münster.

Arrival by train

Travelling by train is comfortable and environmentally friendly. There are connections to the region from all over Germany and it is usually easy to bring your own bicycle. The most important stop is Münster (Westf.), from where you have connections to most places in Münsterland.

Journey times to Münster

Journey times to Münster Hauptbahnhof (fastest connection in the summer timetable)

Berlin 3:58Hamburg 2:14
Bremen 1:16Hanover 2:15
Dortmund 0:29Kassel 2:49
Düsseldorf 1:16Leipzig 5:11
Essen 0:55Stuttgart 4:04
Frankfurt 3:12Würzburg 3:52

Travel times from the Ruhr area

Bottrop-Borken 0:43Dortmund-Werne 0:24
Dortmund-Ascheberg 0:36Dortmund-Lüsdinghausen 0:37
Dortmund-Dülmen 0:47Dortmund-Coesfeld 1:01
Dortmund-Ahaus 1:27Dortmund-Gronau 1:42
Essen-Haltern am See 0:31Essen-Nottuln 0:47
Essen-Borken 0:57Recklinghausen-Haltern am See 0:10
Recklinghausen-Dülmen 0:18Unna-Greven 0:48

Stations ICE/IC

Stations with ICE stop

  • Münster

Stations with IC stop

  • Münster
  • Rheine
  • Bad Bentheim

Münster station is served by Deutsche Bahn and the following railway companies

  • Eurobahn
  • Westfalenbahn
  • Flixtrain
Hauptbahnhof Münster Hauptbahnhof Münster
© Münsterland e.V. / Philipp Fölting
Mobile by bus and train...
at Münster Central Station
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Mobile on site

Being mobile by bus & train in Münsterland is so easy - and there are four reasons for that!

  • A dense local transport network on the roads and on the rails ensures that you can reach your destination quickly and comfortably even without a car.
  • If you travel by bus or train in Münsterland, you only need one ticket. No tariff jungle, no ticket confusion - the Westfalen-Tarif makes it possible.
  • And if you have any questions about buses and trains in Münsterland, a service hotline is available around the clock - the smart number for buses and trains: 01806/ 50 40 30 (landline 20 ct/connection, mobile max. 60 ct/connection) Automatic timetable information 0800 3/50 40 30 (free of charge).
  • For almost all sights and places of interest in Münsterland, you will find a route planner with a preset destination address on our website. This makes it easy to plan your route by bus and train.

Bicycle transport

You will need a valid ticket for your bicycle. If there is space, you can then take your bicycle with you for an unlimited period of time. You can take your bicycle along free of charge on the bicycle trailers in the districts of Borken and Coesfeld.

Insider Tip:

For more and more sights and places on our website you will find information on how to get there and how to get around by bus and train. You'll find all the stops in the area, the current departure times and the opportunity to plan your journey directly.

The special feature: the nearest sights along the bus routes are displayed directly at the stops. So you can put together a whole day trip with lots of interesting sights.

wuddi (SHARE NOW)

Logo of the company SHARE NOW
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Mobility, flexibility and availability exactly when you need a vehicle. With SHARE NOW, it only takes ten minutes from registration to driving. With more than 70 vehicles at around 50 stations in Münsterland, the car sharing provider offers the right car for every mobility need; from electric convertibles to mid-size station wagons. With your SHARE NOW account, you also have access to around 10,000 other car sharing vehicles in a total of 17 European cities outside Münsterland.

The procedure is very simple: download the app, register, book. Drive off! You then return the vehicle to the station where you started.

Note: There is a one-off registration fee of 20 euros, which will be credited to your SHARE NOW app. There is no deposit or contract obligation with SHARE NOW.

You can find all information about the offer on this page.

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