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Give away a Münsterland product
© Münsterland e.V./Philipp Fölting
Give away a Münsterland product
© Münsterland e.V./Philipp Fölting

Münsterland Collection

Are you looking for a very special gift or do you want to treat yourself? How about a piece of home?

On this page you will find high-quality and regional products from the beautiful Münsterland. For connoisseurs, there is the delicious Gräftenwasser, as an aromatic juniper schnapps and as a sweet vanilla liqueur. Creative minds will certainly enjoy the fancy colouring book or the tricky puzzle. Perhaps you would just like to send your loved ones a little greeting with a fine postcard? But that's not all by a long shot ... Take a look around and decide which piece of Münsterland it will be!

You can buy the products at the sales outlets listed below or conveniently order them online at The Sdjool Shop.

Münsterländer Gräftenwasser

Since time immemorial, imposing moated castles in the midst of magnificent park landscapes have characterised the Münsterland. The moats, known in Westphalia as Gräften, protected the nobility from enemy attacks and have often been preserved to this day. Brand new is the Gräftenwasser in the bottle. With a fine vanilla or juniper flavour, it is the perfect companion for a cosy evening with loved ones or as a gift for various occasions.

The fine drops are produced at the Böcker Forstmannshof in Lüdinghausen, whose products have been awarded the Münsterland seal. Here, exquisite liqueurs and brandies have been produced for 170 years. They were once created in the great-grandmother's oak barrel and today the farm still relies on tradition and quality. Natural flavours and high-quality ingredients from the region are used for these and all other spirits.

Product details Gräftenwasser

The Münsterland Seal
© Netzwerk Münsterland Qualität e.V.
  • Bottle: 0,2 l
  • Varieties: Juniper (mild, similar to gin) and vanilla (liqueur).
  • Alcohol content: juniper 32 %, vanilla 18 %
  • Closure: cork with thermo-cap
  • No best-before date, because it is highly distilled
  • Has been awarded the Münsterland seal

Price Juniper: 12,99 Euro

Price Vanilla: 8,99 Euro

Note: Not both varieties are always available at every sales outlet. Please check the map or ask at the respective outlet which Gräftenwasser they have in stock.

Here you can buy the Gräftenwasser

Münsterland Colouring Book: Castles and Palaces

A castle on the right, a palace on the left and straight ahead the view over the wide park landscape - that is the Münsterland! More than 100 castles, palaces, monasteries and other aristocratic residences await you here between meadows and fields, gardens and well-tended parks that can be easily explored on flat countryside. If you look closely, you will see that these historical treasures are works of art. In sandstone yellow, clinker red and Gräften blue, they form magnificent motifs before your eyes with their architectural features. So what could be more natural than capturing this charm on paper? Till Lenecke, known from "Münsterland - An Illustrated Journey", has sketched the region's highlight castles for you and summarises them with us in this book. Discover Münsterland's works of art on paper and in reality - our castles and palaces welcome you!

Product details colouring book

  • Size: Colouring book DIN A 4
  • Extent: 10 double pages + 4 pages cover, print 4/4-coloured.
  • Content: the 10 highlight castles of the Münsterland incl. interesting information about each house
  • Artist: Till Lenecke
  • Suitable for adults and of course everyone who likes to colour

Price: 9,95 Euro

You can buy the colouring book here

Münsterland Puzzle

The Münsterland puzzle, produced with a regional manufacturer, shows you the most beautiful pictures of the region's highlight castles and palaces. Our photographer Philipp Fölting has put together a great selection for you. Go on a very special discovery tour and puzzle together the houses in the different seasons or give the puzzle as a unique regional gift to someone who loves a challenge.

Product details puzzle

  • Quantity: 1,500 parts
  • Size: 850 mm x 850 mm
  • Motif: Collage of the highlight castles and palaces of the Münsterland region
  • Suitable for children (from 12 years) and adults

Price: 19,95 Euro

You can buy the puzzle here

Münsterland Postcards

Send a postcard again instead of an email or Whatsapp message! Handwritten greetings show appreciation and leave a lasting impression. Your loved ones will certainly be delighted with these hand-drawn and individually coloured postcards. Till Lenecke was on the road for you at the castles and palaces in Münsterland and created very special drawings. Produced in the region, you are sure to be surprised with this high-quality card!

Product details postcards

  • 5 different motifs:
    • Münster Castle
    • Nordkirchen Castle
    • Raesfeld Castle
    • Cultural Estate Haus Nottbeck
    • Marck House
  • Format: DIN A6
  • Material: Recycled paper
  • Artist: Till Lenecke

Price: 0,99 Euro

Note: Not every motif is available at every sales outlet. Please check the map or ask the respective sales outlet which postcard they have in stock.

You can buy the postcards here

Münsterland Poster

The Münsterland on the wall - what a dream. The Münsterland poster captures THE GOOD LIFE in all its facets and conveys a piece of home. The art print becomes something very special with its golden embossing. The poster was developed and designed by and with Münsterlanders.

You can easily order the poster online and have it delivered to your home.

Product details poster

  • Material: white paper, 250 g/m²
  • Format: 50 × 70 cm
  • Price includes: 1 × poster without frame
  • Artist: Johanna Urban

Price: 24,90 Euro

Picnic Collection from Münsterland

Do you love to picnic outside or know someone who does? Then you're sure to find what you're looking for in our picnic collection! With the high-quality blanket, various richly filled picnic boxes and the sdjools, you have everything you need for a cosy outdoor meal.

Picknick im Münsterland Picknick im Münsterland
© Münsterland e.V./ Philipp Fölting

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The creation of the products was supported by the ERDF funding project "Palaces and Castles Region Münsterland", which supports and promotes the experience of these historical treasures of the region.

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