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Münsterland Brand Study
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Münsterland Brand Study

Münsterland 2020 Brand Study

How do locals and outsiders see the Münsterland? How well known is the Münsterland? What associations do they have with the region?

To get to the bottom of these questions, the market research agency Interrogare conducted a representative survey on behalf of Münsterland e.V. in March 2020. The aim was to gain insights into the awareness and perception of Münsterland in the self-image (inhabitants of Münsterland) and external image (inhabitants of other regions outside Münsterland).

Zero point measurement for the Münsterland brand

As a zero point measurement, the study depicts the status quo of the current brand perception of Münsterland. It is thus a working basis and, if repeated, a controlling instrument for the ongoing branding process of the region. Started in 2016, in the course of this process the stakeholders in Münsterland have developed a positioning as well as brand core values, which since 2019 have been used to advertise under the claim "THE GOOD LIFE." is being advertised.

Who was surveyed?

A total of 1,444 people aged 16 to 70 from all over Germany were surveyed, 435 of whom resided in Münsterland. The study was conducted as an online survey.

Central results

  • 82% of Münsterlanders see their future in Münsterland.
  • 78% of the Münsterlanders feel connected to the Münsterland.
  • 65% of all respondents know the Münsterland and 35% have already visited the region.
  • The majority (58%) of respondents who know the Münsterland intend to visit the region (again).
  • 63% of respondents who know the Münsterland would recommend the Münsterland to others.

Statements by the Münsterländer

  • 96% of Münsterlanders think that it is a good place to live.
  • 82% of Münsterlanders think that everyone can live and fulfil themselves according to their own ideas in Münsterland.
  • 95% of Münsterlanders think that Münsterland is close to nature. The Münsterland is also perceived as close to nature outside the region (79%).
  • 77% of Münsterlanders think Münsterland is progressive and innovative.
  • 82% of Münsterlanders think that Münsterland is an attractive working region with many good employers.
  • 91% of Münsterlanders think that Münsterland offers a good mix of city and country life.
  • 80% of Münsterlanders think that Münsterland offers a wide range of cultural activities.

Statements by non-Münsterlanders

  • 75% of tourists find the Münsterland attractive in terms of tourism.
  • 77% of tourists find the Münsterland scenically attractive. 80% of this group agree that there are many opportunities to experience nature in the Münsterland.
  • 72% of tourists agree that people feel welcome in Münsterland.
  • Münsterland is known among tourists as a region for horse riding (69%), cycling (78%) and picnicking (73%).
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"These are high approval ratings for a brand. Both the overall rating, as well as the high recommendation rate and the respondents' high intention to visit again show that Münsterland is an attractive region."

Christine Gerbracht, project manager at the agency Interrogare.

The results for download

Below we provide a detailed summary of all results as well as the two graphics shown at the top of this page for download. When using the results of the brand study, Münsterland e.V. must be named as the client and indicated as the copyright.

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