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Promoting culture in Münsterland
Cultural promotion

Promoting culture in Münsterland

Good cultural projects need good funding. Often a brilliant idea or the draft of a concept is only the beginning. Because as soon as the plans become more concrete, the question arises: Where do I get the financial means to implement them?

The Kulturbüro Münsterland has the answer and will inform you on the following pages and in person about funding opportunities in the cultural sector. Many smaller and larger foundations, local, regional, state-wide, national and even international funding support artistic and cultural projects.

In many cases, funding gives you the chance to grow, to go one step further than planned and to realise projects that would otherwise be financially impossible. It doesn't matter whether the projects are small, large, crazy, political or difficult.

If cultural practitioners are planning a project in the Münsterland region, they can, for example, apply for financial support through the state funding programme "Regional Cultural Policy" (RKP). The Cultural Office advises on this and assists with the application process.

Small request, big effect

Applying for cultural funding sounds very bureaucratic. But it is less difficult if you know what to look for when applying. And for many cultural practitioners, this process helps them to focus and become clear about the goals and the special nature of the project. This is also useful later on, for example, in public relations work. So: the effort is definitely not in vain! It will be all the more rewarding when your project is approved and receives funding.

In our FAQ list you will find answers to the central questions about funding.

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