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The Münsterland Art and Culture Foundation pursues the promotion and preservation of art and culture in the Münsterland region. As a regional foundation, it is situated between local sponsors, community foundations, the funding opportunities of local/regional companies and the foundations or cultural sponsors operating throughout Westphalia or the state.

The committed cultural work, especially in rural regions, is largely shaped by semi-professional initiatives with a strong voluntary commitment. However, these initiatives often have no access to established cultural funding closed to them. Sponsorship funds can also only be raised to a limited extent.

Against this background, the Münsterland Art and Culture Foundation aims to close the gap between local commitment and established cultural funding. At the Münsterland level, it aims to support ambitious projects by cultural initiatives and associations that combine voluntary commitment with professional standards.

The business of the Münsterland Art and Culture Foundation is conducted in the Münsterland Cultural Office is managed by the Münsterland Cultural Office.

Application deadlines

The application deadline for projects in the coming year is 30 November.

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Andre Sebastian
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Andre Sebastian
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Funded projects 2021

Information on funded projects from 2010 to 2021 can be found here.

No concert of superlatives

No concert of superlatives
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The Münsterland Festival invited to the "Kein-Konzert der Superlative" (No Concert of Superlatives) on 3 May 2020 - an imaginary concert that did not exist in the form and instead relied on solidarity. The "Kein-Konzert der Superlative" was a fundraising campaign by the Münsterland Festival with the aim of supporting art and culture in Münsterland. The total proceeds from the approximately 300 tickets sold were almost 4500 euros and initially went to the Münsterland Art and Culture Foundation. The foundation has now granted unscheduled funding: 22 artists and cultural ensembles from the region whose engagements were cancelled due to the Corona crisis can look forward to a grant. Click here for the press release.

All recipients at a glance: Florian Albers (musical actor), Blasorchester Havixbeck (wind orchestra), Friedhelm Bruns (children's theatre), Dancing Willow (music), Das Fidele Matuya Theater/Clown fidelidad (children's theatre), Ein rätselhafter Schimmer (music & performance), Erpho Bell (theatre for older people), Philip Gregor Grüneberg (youth theatre), Ralf Haarmann (theatre/sound art), Christian Kappe (musician), Alexander Klar (visual artist), MNEME Kollektiv (dance theatre for children) Tamara Peters (musical actress), Peng Impro (impro theatre), Pindakaas Saxophon Quartett (classical music), Placebo (impro theatre), Theater Titanick (street theatre).

Note: As much as we were happy about the willingness of the people in Münsterland to donate and the numerous tickets sold, we are aware that this support cannot change anything or only very little about the dramatic situation of many artists. This requires above all financial help from the federal and state governments. Numerous programmes are being and have been launched, but they are still not enough. We would like to call for solidarity with those working in the arts and culture and ask you to sign the following petition.

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