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Cultural Academy in Borken: Topic "Levies in the Cultural Sector

What do I have to pay GEMA for? How does the VG Wort work? What is the foreigners' turnover tax and who actually pays the artists' social security contribution? Answers to these and other questions are provided by the Kulturakademie Münsterland, the continuing education series of the Münsterland e.V. cultural office: The seminar "Steuern, GEMA, KSK - Abgaben im Kulturbetrieb" (Taxes, GEMA, KSK - Taxes in the Cultural Sector) will take place on Wednesday, 9 September 2020, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the FARB Forum Altes Rathaus Borken, Markt 15.

In addition to the most common types of levies in the cultural sector, the practice-oriented seminar will also deal with secure contract design. The event is aimed at all those working in the cultural sector who would like an overview of the most common levy obligations in the cultural sector or who would like to bring themselves up to date. The speaker is Stephan Bock, a successful cultural manager for 20 years and popular seminar leader at the Kulturakademie.

"Of course, we will ensure that the well-known hygiene rules are observed throughout the event: Keep your distance, disinfect your hands, wear mouth-nose protection," explains Andre Sebastian, head of the Münsterland e.V. cultural office.

There is a fee of 35 euros (including drinks and lunch). Registration is online at

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Andre Sebastian
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Eva Stannigel
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