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Culture podcast Mission White Flamingo deals with the relationship between humans and animals

On the pasture, in the stable, in the laboratory or on the plate - dealing with animals has always been ambivalent. The culture podcast "Mission White Flamingo" takes up the topic and presents the art project "Pasture Pictures" in its new episode. In this project, artists and scientists from Münster University of the Arts take a critical look at the relationship between humans and animals.

Podcast producer Anna-Ida Almus talks to archaeologist Dr. Valeska Becker and artist Martina Lückener. They talk about the exchange between art and science as well as Münsterland as an ambivalent animal country. "On the one hand, there is a lot of nature here, but on the other hand, this nature has also been shaped into a cultivated landscape, factory farming and overfertilisation included," says Dr. Valeska Becker. "This simultaneous proximity to animals and distance from them were important points in the exchange with the scientists from behavioural research, reproductive medicine and anthology."

Artist Martina Lückener also tells the podcast how the interdisciplinary project broadened her horizons: "For example, I was familiar with the concept of the chimera from mythology. Through the project I gained a completely different impression ..." In the current podcast episode, all listeners will find out how she wants to artistically realise this impression of mixed human-animal beings. In addition, there will be an exhibition of all the artistic works in Münster am Haverkamp in June - if possible.

The podcast is a project of the Münsterland e.V. Cultural Office. You can listen to it at and on the audio platforms Soundcloud, Spotify and iTunes.

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