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Two new faces on the Supervisory Board
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"The Münsterland has grown together": Two new members on the supervisory board of Münsterland e.V.

At the general meeting last week Tuesday at the Ballenlager in Greven, Münsterland e.V said goodbye to two long-serving members of the supervisory board and welcomed two new faces: Frederic Forthaus and Christian Lücke - two representatives of the hospitality industry from the region - take over from Renate Dölling and Martina Mersch in the tourism section of the supervisory board. Dölling and Mersch supported the board for several years with their expertise from the hotel and catering industry. Chairman of the Supervisory Board Dr. Kai Zwicker, the Board of Directors, members and staff of Münsterland e.V. thanked them for their work and the good cooperation in the region and presented them with picnic boxes filled with regional products at the meeting.

As a regional management organisation with brand management, Münsterland e.V. is the network headquarters for the region. It is the contact for citizens, newcomers to Münsterland as well as guests and fulfils the task of consolidating a positive and strong image of Münsterland both internally and externally. Klaus Ehling, board member of the association, summarised the year in retrospect and gave an outlook for the next business year: "After numerous funding projects were successfully completed last year, we are already in the starting blocks for the application for a REGIONALE. We were able to lay the strategic foundation for this in recent years together with the Münsterland districts of Borken, Coesfeld, Steinfurt, Warendorf and the City of Münster."

The supervisory board, as the most important body, essentially makes the strategic decisions and usually meets three times a year. "Münsterland is not only strategically very well positioned, but also lives from the people in the region who, as brand ambassadors, stand together for THE GOOD LIFE in Münsterland," said the chairman of the supervisory board, Dr. Kai Zwicker, who was confirmed in office for another four years at the general meeting.

Renate Dölling, who had been a member of the Supervisory Board since it was founded in 2011, had high praise for all those present at the meeting: "Working with Münsterland e.V. has always given me great pleasure. In recent years, we have all seen how the Münsterland has grown together more and more during the branding process. And I would like to see this strong bond between the Münsterland districts, the city of Münster and all the stakeholders in the region continue to be nurtured and promoted." Martina Mersch also confirmed this and concluded: "We will continue to be brand ambassadors for Münsterland and follow and support the work of Münsterland e.V."

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