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Fairy tales to the ears: Münsterland Culture Podcast publishes Christmas episode

The Münsterland culture podcast "Mission White Flamingo" is on a Christmas mission just before 24 December. Podcast maker Anna-Ida Almus went in search of stories and fairy tales from Münsterland and found what she was looking for. Perfect for a cosy half hour with podcast on the sofa.

Listeners can expect a taste of the wandering "theatre ex libris", which underpins its texts live with music and sounds. A text by Annette von Droste-Hülshoff on the Christmas hustle and bustle of the castle of the same name, read by two "reading citizens" of the Center for Literature, is not to be missed. As a pre-Christmas encore, presenter and entertainer Harry Wijnvoord will then take us into the world of a well-known Grimm fairy tale from Münsterland. Which one? That will not be revealed yet.

By the way, the podcast got its name because of its journey to special cultural places - including the fairy tale worlds of Münsterland: It is an allusion to the flamingos in the Zwillbrocker Venn. Because the cultural sites presented in the podcast are like the migratory birds in Vreden: special, but also somewhat hidden. "There are so many of them in Münsterland, and they all have their very own charm," Almus finds. "Also and especially the ones in people's imagination. This episode is also intended to spread the spirit of Christmas. Even in difficult times."

The podcast is a project of the Münsterland e.V. Cultural Office. You can listen to it at and on the audio platforms Soundcloud, Spotify and iTunes.

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