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Attracting and retaining skilled workers: Region-wide Onboarding@Münsterland service enters pilot phase

15 companies in the region test new ways in the application process

MÜNSTERLAND. When it comes to recruiting skilled workers, Münsterland relies on the beautiful aspects of the region: as part of the ongoing branding process, companies have developed a service together with Münsterland e.V. that not only introduces applicants to a job, but also to the region - and aims to bind them to it in the long term. "Onboarding@Münsterland" supports and complements the normal application process and provides applicants with information about Münsterland, housing, leisure opportunities or childcare.

"The decision for a job is always also the decision for a living space," explains Monika Leiking, project manager for Onboarding@Münsterland at Münsterland e.V. "That's why it's not only the hard facts like salary, holiday days and company car that count in an application process, but especially the soft factors: What kind of region will I be working in? Can I imagine my future here? What career opportunities does the region offer my partner and what leisure and cultural activities are there? We want to use the service to convey a feeling for the region."

The idea of the project: in addition to their job interview in a company, applicants can make use of the Onboarding@Münsterland service and receive advice from Münsterland e.V. at the company, at a location of their choice or even by telephone. Questions about the partner's career prospects are answered in the same way as those about care options for relatives and the choice of residence. "In this way we create orientation and a welcoming feeling for the applicant," says Leiking. "Skilled workers should come and also stay."

But Onboarding@Münsterland is also a service for the companies themselves: "It is a supplement to the previous application process. It not only takes work off the companies' shoulders, but also supports them in public relations and regional marketing," explains Judith Schäpers, responsible for brand development at Münsterland e.V. "It is important that companies also locate themselves visibly and with a lot of heart in our region. This means, for example, making reference to the location and the region on their own company website or in job advertisements and creating a welcoming culture for new employees. In the pilot phase we are testing with 15 companies what this can look like."

The pilot phase is planned until the end of the year. In the first step, the needs of the applicants will be asked, and in a second step, the support possibilities through Münsterland e.V. will be sounded out and tested. This will be done in cooperation with numerous regional actors, such as the municipalities, chambers, business development agencies and other institutions. After the pilot phase, the service will be open to other companies and rolled out across Münsterland.

The companies involved include apetito AG (Rheine), Christophorus Trägergesellschaft mbH Coesfeld (Coesfeld/Nottuln/Dülmen), Emergy Führungs- und Servicegesellschaft mbH (Velen), Ernsting's family GmbH & Co. KG (Coesfeld-Lette), Grunewald GmbH & Co. KG (Bocholt), Hengst SE (Münster), HUESKER Synthetic GmbH (Gescher), Klinikum Westmünsterland GmbH (Ahaus), LVM Versicherung (Münster), TWE GmbH & Co. KG (Bocholt and Emsdetten), Unternehmensgruppe Pietsch (Ahaus) and Windmöller & Hölscher KG (Lengerich).

Klaus Ehling, board member of Münsterland e.V., sees the new service as a good opportunity to grow closer together: "With Onboarding@Münsterland we are not only trying to awaken a Münsterland feeling among skilled workers from outside, but also to strengthen it internally. By making companies, institutions, associations and basically every Münsterländer feel at home in this region and know what it stands for, the Münsterland gains in profile. That is the overarching goal of the branding process."


Further information

The idea for Onboarding@Münsterland came about during the branding process on the initiative of a number of large companies. The project is managed by Münsterland e.V. The branding process is a joint initiative of Münsterland e.V., IHK Nord Westfalen and HWK Münster. At the centre of the "Münsterland brand" is the emotional communication of the identity and special features of the region in order to be successful in competition with other regions.


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Monika Leiking
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Monika Leiking
Head of Service Onboarding@Münsterland

0049 2571 94 93 15

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