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Insect hotel in the Münsterland
© Cornelia Höchstetter/MÜNSTER!-Magazin
Imitation allowed
Box of ideas from the Münsterland

Idea box - imitation allowed!

Imitation allowed: In our idea box we would like to collect great projects and actions from the region that contribute to the promotion of biodiversity and in the best case even find imitators!

Let yourself be inspired, rummage around in the idea box and maybe you will find something that you would like to implement locally. Do you have other examples of exciting actions that are not yet included? Then write to us!

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Exciting projects and actions

Many people in Münsterland are setting a good example when it comes to climate protection, biodiversity and species diversity. Not only the districts and municipalities have initiated beautiful projects. Many people in Münsterland volunteer to promote biodiversity in our region. This can be done in your own garden - or by volunteering in an association. And there is also a lot happening in the region's schoolyards .

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