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Networks and clusters

Clusters in the Münsterland

Although one of Münsterland's strengths is its diversity of industries, this has given rise to special fields of competence (clusters). These can advance the presentation and profiling of Münsterland as a business location.

In order to support cooperation processes, Münsterland e.V. has set up a cluster management in close coordination with the region's partners. In doing so, the association is following the cluster policy of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Experts have identified six clusters for Münsterland based on success criteria such as size, employment growth and regional relevance: Food Industry, Health Industry, Innovative Materials and Resource Efficiency Logistics, Mechanical Engineering and Knowledge-Intensive Services. Companies and institutions in Münsterland are increasingly active in these areas.

What are clusters?

Economic clusters are networks of companies, research institutions and complementary actors that are particularly competitive due to close interdependencies. The term "cluster" means clump or accumulation. We speak of an economic cluster when several companies in the same industry are located in close proximity to each other and their activities complement each other along one or more value chains - for example, the food industry in Münsterland.

In clusters, the actors can use synergies and increase their competitiveness. Specifically, they can benefit from joint supply or competitive relationships and from a joint representation of interests to the outside world. Further advantages can arise from the common need for skilled workers or from the promotion of suitable research and training facilities.

A concentration of the individual actors on their core competences often creates a growth and innovation landscape that also attracts suppliers and specialised service providers.

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Top performance is not uncommon at Münsterland companies. Top performance is not uncommon at Münsterland companies.
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