Münsterland e.V., Münster Marketing and the Initiative Starke Innenstadt Münster jointly launched the campaign.
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Your MünsterLand Moment

Strong solidarity between city and region: campaign Dein MünsterLand Moment #dasguteleben

Joint advertising strategy of Münsterland e.V., Münster Marketing and ISI Münster.

The Corona crisis hit and still hits the leisure and tourism industry particularly hard. After the first easing measures in summer 2020, this sector therefore became a particular focus of Münsterland e.V.: In a joint effort with Münster Marketing and the Initiative starke Innenstadt Münster, the regional management organisation launched a campaign under the title"Dein MünsterLand Moment #dasguteleben" (Your MünsterLand Moment #thegoodlife) to revive tourism and whet the appetite of tourists, day visitors and locals for THE GOOD LIFE in the city and the region.

Inspirations online and in magazine form

Ideas for beautiful moments in the city and in the countryside were presented online at www.DeinMünsterLandMoment.de and in magazine form - with meaningful images and motivating texts. The campaign showed what the region has to offer in terms of highlights, natural beauty and hidden treasures and how best to combine them: from dreamy moated castles to cultural treasures behind monastery walls to farm shops with regional products.

Activities, accommodation, shopping tips, excursion destinations and culinary recommendations were bundled into very specific tour tips. Guests could filter the offers on www.DeinMünsterLandMoment.de according to interests such as shopping, nature, culinary, culture or activities and the duration of their stay and then find the right offer: no matter whether it was a tour on an e-bike or shopping and a visit to a museum that were in the foreground - no matter whether one was planning a day trip, a weekend or had longer time.

Broad marketing

The holiday ideas were tailored to specific target groups: for families or for couples, groups or friends. Sometimes they went to the weekly market in Münster or to a Michelin-starred restaurant, sometimes on a cycling tour or a horseback ride, sometimes to a museum or a guided tour of the city. Not only were special sights of the region visited, such as the Prinzipalmarkt in Münster or Haus Marck in Tecklenburg, but also exciting insider tips, such as a visit to the flamingos or an overnight stay in a tepee.

The central campaign website was continuously filled with new content and marketed to all relevant target groups, both digitally and analogue. In addition to the people in Münsterland, it also addressed people in neighbouring regions such as the Ruhr or the Rhineland and also radiated beyond the state borders into other federal states such as Lower Saxony, Hamburg, Bremen or Hesse.

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Your Münsterland Moment Your Münsterland Moment
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Your MünsterLand Moment
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Your MünsterLand Moment to browse

Tips bundled and compact were also available in print in the magazine "Dein MünsterLand Moment" to accompany the website. On 36 pages, the magazine with ideas for beautiful moments in the city and in the countryside as well as many tips invites you to browse. It was distributed in Münsterland and other regions during the campaign and is also available at tourist information centres in Münster and Münsterland. Via a nationwide online mailing service, the merchants also increase the magazine's reach by enclosing it as a gift to their customers.

The magazine is timeless and can still be ordered free of charge here .

Campaign runtime from 6 July to 26 October 2020

A total of 40 different inspirations provided incentives to (re)discover the region and conveyed that Münsterland offers enough variety between city and countryside as a travel destination for shorter and longer stays. The campaign ran from 6 July to 26 October 2020.

The marketing focus was on online marketing in order to be able to react agilely to the Corona events. At Münsterland e.V., the campaign ran parallel to other marketing campaigns of the tourism division.

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