Instagrammers discovered Münsterland from above during a balloon ride.
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Absolutely "instagramable": Influencers discover the Münsterland from above on the Insta-Balloonride

Münsterland e.V. markets region via Instagram

Heavenly! Münsterland is not only an eye-catcher from a bicycle, horse or picnic blanket, but also from the air. On Sunday (12 September), the regional management organisation Münsterland e.V. offered 13 Instagrammers and video bloggers the opportunity to get to know the Münsterland from above during an Insta-balloon ride. The region showed one of its most beautiful sides in golden autumn weather.

"The Münsterland has a very special scenic character," says Michael Kösters, General Manager at Münsterland e.V. "Here, meadows, pastures, fields, hedgerows, gardens and parks line up and merge into the typical Münsterland park landscape, in which the urban centres are wonderfully embedded. We wanted to show the Influencers this special charm."

The Influencers set off from the Heidehotel Waldhütte in Telgte with a total of four hot air balloons. Already on the ground, the influencers pulled out their mobile phones, selfie sticks and cameras and documented the construction of the balloon. After take-off, the flight went over several places in the district of Warendorf. Especially the Münsterland park landscape showed a completely different side from the air. After almost two hours in the Münsterland sky and full memory cards, everyone had solid ground under their feet again.

"It was a perfect day, a perfect afternoon and a super finish," enthused Jan Rumstadt from the @andersart.ig channel. "Like a dream," added Linda Zimmermeier from the channel @linzimda.

Also taking part were @foodistas_food_and_sistas, @sd.photoblicke, @lwanig, @mabiedo, @bs_photoart, @abouttiffy, @photobrandt, @bernd_bussmann, @dr.lirpa, @jasper.ksr and @foto_birgit.
In total, the participants have a follower count of 79,679.

"Instagrammers often have a special view of motifs and can convey the beauty of a region to their followers in a very unique visual language," says Victoria Lennerz, Social Media Manager at Münsterland e.V. "That's why we decided on this special form of marketing as a supplement to classic formats. Referral marketing is the keyword here."

On its own Instagram channel @muensterland.dasguteleben, Münsterland e.V. accompanied the campaign as host and will also publish images in the coming days.

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