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Natur und Geschichte: Radtouren zum Tag des offenen Denkmals
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Cycling tours on historical tracks

Münsterland e.V. recommends exploring on two wheels for the "Open Monument Day".

Historic buildings are the focus of attention on Open Monument Day on 10 September (Sunday) - and in Münster and the Münsterland region, too, interested visitors can gain exclusive insights under the motto "Talent Monument". Münsterland e.V. has designed various cycle tours for the day of action, leading to several outstanding sites in Münster and the districts of Borken, Coesfeld, Steinfurt and Warendorf.

"There are many good reasons to link Monument Day with cycling - the most popular leisure activity of Münsterlanders," says Kerstin Clev, project manager of the Cycling Region Münsterland at Münsterland e.V. "Our tours offer nature and history at the same time."

The 26-kilometre bike tour around Münster begins at the Kulturbahnhof Hiltrup, which today serves as a cultural centre and event location. From there, it goes to Gremmendorf to the Idaschule and the historic waterworks in Albersloh, among other places. A detour is also possible to Haus Heidhorn, until the tour ends again at the Kulturbahnhof.

In the district of Borken, a 45-kilometre tour through Ahaus, Heek and Legden is on the programme. The tour starts near Ahaus Castle. In Heek-Nienborg, the Burgmannshöfe, including the Hohe Haus, form a trio worth seeing. Other highlights of the tour are the imposing double monastery Stift Asbeck and Haus van Wüllen. From Legden, the route leads back to Ahaus.

The 26-kilometre tour in the district of Coesfeld is all about the architectural monuments in Senden. The Senden Castle is a moated castle that is being revived through the commitment of its citizens. From there, the tour continues to Ottmarsbocholt to Hof Höwische, a listed farmhouse with a barn. At both places, guests can expect an extensive programme on the Open Monument Day. Haus Ruhr, the Laurentius Church and the Old Customs House in Senden are also stops on the tour.

Those who want to cycle in the district of Steinfurt can choose the 31-kilometre tour around Steinfurt and Horstmar. From the railway station in Burgsteinfurt, the route passes Steinfurt Castle and the Bagno park, where the Concert Gallery is one of the oldest free-standing concert halls in Europe. The tour continues through Borghorst towards Horstmar. There, Haus Alst can be visited on Open Monument Day. Other stops include the Burgmannshöfe in Horstmar and, on the way to Leer, the Wenningsmühle and Schmeddings Doppelmühle, which will also be open on 10 September.

The tour around Warendorf is 54 kilometres long. After starting in the historic town centre, a stop at the West Prussian State Museum is recommended, after which the route leads via Freckenhorst towards Hoetmar. Between these Warendorf districts lies the Buddenbaum pilgrimage chapel. Another stop is the St. Bartholomew's Church in Einen.

More information on the Open Monument Day cycle tours and the GPS data for the tours can be found at

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