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Finding and retaining skilled workers for Münsterland

Employer network Onboarding@Münsterland met in Münster at the GWS group of companies.

Workation or four-day week: What do employers have to offer in times of a shortage of skilled workers in order to find good employees and retain them in the long term? The members of the Onboarding@Münsterland employer network explored this question at the network meeting on Wednesday. The Onboarding@Münsterland service of Münsterland e.V. had invited them to the GWS group of companies in Münster. Around 50 companies from Münsterland discussed possible factors and models that increase the attractiveness of a company for skilled workers. There was also an insight into the consultations of the Onboarding@Münsterland service, which supports skilled workers in arriving in the region.

"It is important for HR managers to put on the applicant's glasses in the recruiting and application process in order to be able to meet their expectations and needs," explained Monika Leiking, head of the Onboarding@Münsterland service at Münsterland e.V.. In the last two years, around 400 professionals have been advised who are considering Münsterland as a place to work, live and work. "We advise many professionals who cannot find employment despite academic qualifications because, for example, they want to change their field but are not familiar with the business landscape in the region. With the presentation of our network members as top employers on our website and personal counselling, it is easier for newcomers to get started," explained Birgit Stübing-Beunink, counsellor at Münsterland e.V. "We share our experience from the counselling sessions with the employer network in order to provide the best possible support to the companies in our region in their search for skilled workers."

Frauke Wehmeyer and her team are currently considering what the right enthusiasm factors are that will enable GWS Gesellschaft für Warenwirtschaftssysteme mbH to retain skilled workers in the long term. For this purpose, she has used the Kano model - a model that is actually used in the product sector to reflect customer satisfaction on the basis of various characteristics. "We use the model to classify our services into basic, performance and enthusiasm factors and will involve our employees in this process, because a corporate culture must be changed in such a way that employees feel well cared for, involved and motivated - and therefore stay in the company," says Frauke Wehmeyer.

Workation" can also be an inspiring factor here: an invented word made up of work and holiday. Especially for younger employees, working abroad for the company back home is an attractive change in their daily work routine. "Even though Workation involves costs and is therefore not suitable for everyone, I am very grateful to my employer for this experience. I was allowed to work and live in South Africa for four weeks and still work my full-time job," reported Johannes Schmittmann, who is employed as PR manager at newgen AG in Vreden.

Another way of reconciling working time and free time more attractively can be the four-day week. Manuel Rosenthal, one of the managing directors of Naturstein Häder, is convinced of this. He implements the four-day week in his craft business and shortens the week to four days, from Monday to Thursday, with the same number of hours. "The model has grown, of course, because we are on the road all over NRW with our construction sites anyway and mainly work at least 40 hours on Mondays to Thursdays. So it makes sense to set up a four-day week in general, because it gives a different feeling of free time," Manuel Rosthal rounded off the contributions of the discussion group. Afterwards, the topics were discussed in more detail in small groups.

More about the Onboarding@Münsterland service

The Onboarding@Münsterland service originated as a regional initiative of employers and business stakeholders in the Münsterland region. It was officially launched in 2020 and is implemented by Münsterland e.V. with the support of numerous institutions in the region. The service is not only aimed at employers, but also directly at skilled workers. These are welcomed to the region in an appreciative manner, for example with welcome events at exciting locations in the region, personal counselling and information on the topics of working, living and housing.
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