Gästeumfrage zur 100-Schlösser-Route abgeschlossen
Survey of cyclists
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4000 cyclists surveyed, just under a million counted

Many completed questionnaires, exciting answers and a lot of data are the results of a Münsterland-wide survey and count of cyclists. In order to find out how the quality of experience of the Münsterland cycling region is, Münsterland e.V. surveyed locals and guests who had cycled the 100 Castles Route in Münsterland in 2021 or 2022 from April to November. Around 4000 cyclists were interviewed in person along the route or with an additional online survey. The questions revolved around trip planning and implementation, signposting and the accompanying leisure programme.

The guest survey complements the cycling survey launched in January 2022 with 20 counting stations throughout the Münsterland. From January to November, they counted almost one million cyclists along the total 960-kilometre-long 100 Castles Route.

Hans-Joachim Gerdemann from Münsterland e.V. coordinated and accompanied the surveys on site: "The personal survey was important because it tells us how many of the cyclists recorded by the counting stations are travelling for tourism." According to Gerdemann, there was positive feedback for the good signposting of the route: "Especially the newly installed junction system was well received by many cyclists. The condition of the path was criticised in some places." With the counting stations, a high volume of cycling traffic could be detected, especially along the rivers in Münsterland such as the Ems, Werse, Bocholter Aa, Ibbenbürener Aa or the Dortmund-Ems Canal.

Now it is time for a comprehensive evaluation of the data, which will be carried out by an external service provider. Survey data and the data from the counting stations will be correlated. "This way we can separate commuter traffic from tourist cycling trips and tell which places have particularly high numbers of tourists. This can become important, for example, when looking for a location for new leisure facilities or a restaurant," says Gerdemann.

Münsterland e.V. expects a complete evaluation for all locations in Münsterland in spring 2023. "We expect the results in March and also want to use them to approach the municipalities and businesses along the 100 Castles Route to make the 100 Castles Route tourist product even better."

The surveys and the cycling study are financed within the framework of the ERDF funding project "Münsterland Castles and Palaces Region", which was initiated and is being implemented by Münsterland e.V. and the four districts as well as the City of Münster.

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