100 Castles Route. Cycling tour on the popular cycle route in Münsterland
Lüdinghausen Castle on the 100 Castles Route
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To the treasures in the Münsterland
100 Castles Route

100 Castles Route

Cycle along the 100 Castles Route through the history of Münsterland. The 100 Castles Route runs for around 960 kilometres through the Münsterland region. It connects more than 100 palaces, castles, manor houses and farmsteads in the region.

Cycling to the treasures of the region

Away from the busy roads, the 100 Castles Route leads through the green park landscape of the Münsterland. Meadows, pastures and hedgerows dominate the landscape. In the middle of it all lie the true treasures of the Münsterland: Palaces and castles with their imposing palace gardens and parks bear witness to former stately times. The signposted cycle route combines urban lifestyle and rural serenity. A cycle tour on the 100 Castles Route is always a journey through time, through the history and architectural culture of Münsterland. Every era has left its mark here.

On the southern course of the 100 Castles Route

The southern course is the shortest of four circuits. To the south of Münster, imposing palaces and castles rise up and bear witness to great architecture. Framed by beautiful gardens and parks, the historic buildings enchant at first sight. On this adventure bike tour through history, some of the castles and palaces are only a few kilometres apart.

On the northern course of the 100 Castles Route

The northern course of the 100 Castles Route leads from the flat landscape around Münster and the northern Münsterland to the hilly Tecklenburger Land, the balcony of the Münsterland. Fantastic nature experiences, charming historic town centres and wonderful panoramic views make up the charm of the northern route. Not to forget, of course, the numerous castles and palaces - from impressive to wildly romantic.

On the West Course of the 100 Castles Route

The west course leads through the green landscape of the western Münsterland, where streams, rivers and lakes repeatedly add splashes of blue colour. Beneath the broad horizon, the Münsterland parkland and Hohe Mark Nature Park surround wonderful castles and palaces. Historic buildings such as Anholt moated castle and Raesfeld castle are among the most beautiful in Münsterland.

On the East Course of the 100 Castles Route

The eastern course of the 100 Castles Route leads from the cycling capital Münster through the eastern Münsterland to the valley of the Lippe. Omnipresent in the gentle landscape, especially around the horse capital of Warendorf, are horses and riders. They form the backdrop for charming castles and palaces along the cycle route.

Entry parking spaces for the car

Are you travelling by car and looking for a free parking space on the 100 Castles Route? No problem! Download the PDF below and find the right parking space for your bike tour. All entry points to the 100 Castles Route are a maximum of 500 metres from the parking location. The places are sorted alphabetically according to the cities and municipalities. It's that easy!

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