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New stars and blue islands: Financial support for 22 new cultural projects in Münsterland

A total of 777,550 euros in funding from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia will flow into art and cultural projects in Münsterland in 2023. Cultural practitioners from the region and beyond applied for funding. Last year, they applied for funding through the state funding programme "Regional Culture Programme NRW" (RKP) and from 26 applications, 22 projects were finally selected by the Münsterland Cultural Council this year.

"If 22 of 26 applications are approved, that's a very good funding rate. We are pleased that there are not only many, but above all many good projects that we can look forward to this year," says Andre Sebastian, head of the cultural office at Münsterland e.V., which advises cultural practitioners on the application process. "In addition to the 'old' hands that have established themselves in the Münsterland cultural landscape, we are of course particularly curious about the new projects that are taking part for the first time."

Once again, cultural practitioners had the opportunity in 2023 to apply for so-called "Accessibility Supplementary Funds" in addition to project funding. Andre Sebastian explains what this means: "With up to 5,000 euros of additional funding per project, the state of NRW wants to support the equal participation of all people in cultural life. Our applications include, for example, a pick-up and escort service at cultural events, an audio description with radio play character as well as an assistance for a person with a severe disability of 100 per cent."

Who is supported?

People interested in culture in Münsterland can look forward to both familiar and new formats in 2023. Established projects such as the "Theatre of the Blue Islands", the "New Stars" of the Academy of Music or the series "Trumpet Tree and Violin Fiddle" will surprise anew, and the cultural coffee trip, the RESET*Landpartie, will also travel to new places again in 2023 and promise an exciting programme. In addition to re-emerging whale flippers and climate-friendly cultural walks, the artist group sozialpalast is also back and, after a short RKP funding break, is on tour with the Music Convoy. The project is an outreach youth music art project for autonomous, creative youth culture, with its own stage truck as an open stage and creative space.

New to the "RKP team" are Michelle Adolfs, Beate Gärtner and Paula Berger. While Adolfs and Gärtner are realising the virtual and augmented reality project "MyVR_Planet.DA 2023" in Steinfurt, Berger is telling stories from the women's movement in the district of Borken with her documentary project "Von gelben Karten und lila Latzhosen". She is grateful for the funding: "The programme enables me to realise my film project professionally. For example, I can afford the materials for a film set and pay a team to support me in shooting, post-production, and planning and running film screenings." For Berger, it is also a return to Münsterland: "I grew up here, but then moved to Kassel. Through the research and planning of the project, I then got to know the region once again from a completely different side."

In addition to Paula Berger, other artists from outside the region are also drawn to the region. Last year, the artists' group Mannstein + Vill already created in their participatory project "Paste Up History!" photo collages with historical and contemporary references on selected house facades in the Steinfurt district - this year it's the turn of castles and palaces. "Our projects thrive on the exchange with the people of the places where we work. We were welcomed in Münsterland last year with such open arms and such great curiosity about our work that we are very happy to be able to continue our project," says Maria Vill.

The Kulturrat Münsterland had recommended the projects for funding in autumn 2022, and the Münster district government and the Ministry of Culture and Science are expected to approve them in the next few days.

Further information on the RKP - Regional Culture Programme NRW

With the Regional Culture Programme NRW - formerly known as "Regional Culture Policy" - the state government has been supporting cultural projects in all ten cultural regions of NRW for over 25 years in order to strengthen the profile and identity of the regions. Cooperation and networking are given high priority: At least three cultural practitioners from two towns or municipalities in the Münsterland region jointly develop a project with regional relevance and carry it out together. The application deadline is always 30 September. The Münsterland e.V. Cultural Office advises interested cultural practitioners before and during the application process.

  • AkA 2.0, AkA - Atelier for Cultural Affairs, Stefan Demming
  • BASSO CONTINUO to BACH INSPIRED. Bachfest 2024 Münster, Friends and Sponsors of the Münster Symphony Orchestra e.V.
  • "A little murmur from the forest", Felice Kaufmann
  • A castle, two castles and an old ride: Climate-friendly KulTour, Municipality of Senden
  • endless Münsterland, Neuenkirchen community
  • FREUBAD 2023 - Mixed Arts Festivals in outdoor swimming pools in the region (continued), RESET e.V.
  • Art makes wind, Schloss Senden e.V.
  • Mobile book workshop for children, Klaudia Denker (communication designer) and Maike Denker (visual artist)
  • MyVR_Planet.DA 2023, Michelle Adolfs and Beate Gärtner
  • Neighbourhood Culture 3.0: Jumelage of the Münsterland, Forest and Meadows Concerts
  • building new (around) Gravenhorst, Ahu Dural
  • New Stars for the Münsterland, University of Music of the WWU Münster
  • Paste Up History! Tour of castles and palaces, Mannstein + Vill
  • "prINT - The Graphic Project", Cultural Meeting Place Kloster Bentlage
  • RESET*Landpartie 2023 - Five new partly cross-border cultural experience tours in Münsterland, RESET e.V.
  • sozialpalast MUSIC CONVOY 2023, sozialpalast, art group
  • Summerwinds Münsterland 2024. international woodwind festival, GWK Society for the Promotion of Westphalian Cultural Work e.V.
  • Theatre of the Blue Islands 2023, Project Group Theatre of the Blue Islands 2023
  • Trumpet Tree and Violin Fig - Music in Gardens and Parks in the Münsterland 2023, District of Borken, Cultural Department
  • Of Yellow Cards and Purple Dungarees - Stories from the Women's Movement in the District of Borken (ARBEITSTITEL), Paula Berger
  • Welcome to hell!, black and white is the better colour
  • ZeitReiseN, Ramblings, Stefan Demming

Funded projects 2022 that are currently being implemented:

  • Disco-Disco, rock'n'popmuseum Gronau
  • Haus Kummerveldt Staffel 2 - a web series from the Münsterland (funded 2021, 2022 and 2023), Haus Kummerveldt GbR
  • Living with the Ghosts (haunting|heritage), Annette von Droste zu Hülshoff Foundation
  • Münsterland Festival (funding 2022 and 2023), Münsterland e.V.
  • No man's land, MNEME collective
  • tonwelten (formerly Sonus Loci 4x4) Alles Klang
  • Soundseeing - the Münsterland-wide sound art festival, Landesmusikakademie NRW

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