Cultural Camp Münsterland 2021
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Shaping tomorrow with self-confidence: More than 100 creative minds discussed around the digital campfire at the Kulturcamp Münsterland

Networking de luxe: The Kulturcamp Münsterland 2021 yesterday brought together well over 100 art and culture professionals from all over Münsterland for a whole day. At the invitation of the Münsterland e.V. cultural office, they discussed and networked in over twelve digital sessions, workshops, interactive lectures and idea exchanges. The guiding theme: Talking about tomorrow today.

"It was important for us not to look back too much on the last year, which involuntarily brought culture into focus, but to talk about what we can derive from it for the future," said Andre Sebastian, head of the cultural office. "In the discussions, we not only talked about the relevance of cultural issues, but also about the specific needs and challenges in different places, of different actors and institutions. This heterogeneity must play a major role not only today, but also tomorrow."

The format of the event also suited this. "Camping stands for independence, freedom and fresh air. Culture needs all of that, as the pandemic has once again made clear to us. The Kulturcamp gives impulses to translate this realisation into new formats, ideas and concepts and to represent them proactively and self-confidently," emphasised Sebastian, who was sitting around a smoking campfire in a central studio in Münster, together with moderator Nathalie Nehues.

The participants gladly accepted the invitation and "camped" in ever-changing composition in the digital space. Under the title "We are the future?!", some FSJers from the region took up the topic of the future directly and spoke about the participation possibilities of young adults in culture. A short survey of young people beforehand had provided an exciting basis for discussion: 60 per cent said they did not find enough participation opportunities for young people in their own cultural scene or did not notice the opportunities. At the end of the session, many participants affirmed that a regular and open exchange between cultural institutions and young adults is important to overcome inhibitions, to develop new approaches together and to benefit both sides. Young adults need to be 'picked up' where they live and feel comfortable.

Other parts of the programme on meeting places in rural areas, cultural events or exchange exchanges "Find a stage, offer art" were also well received. In addition to the digital offerings, actors and actresses from the Münster City Ensemble met with actors from the Münsterland region for a total of twelve "system relevance walks" in Presence.

"Besides the concrete tips and impulses for the participants, the culture camp is also a signpost for us," Sebastian summed up at the end of the event. "We will incorporate some aspects into our work, take up and follow up on impulses and also take them into the Kulturrat Münsterland." A continuation of the culture camp in the coming years is also being considered.

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