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Two roles, two perspectives: Youngstarts Podcast interviews successors as well as management consultants

The joint project Gründergeist #Youngstarts Münsterland talks to the Wieskötter siblings and Dr. Stefan Borchert from Senden.

One talks about the takeover of a company in practice, the other advises and supports those interested in succession: In the two new podcast episodes of the joint project Gründergeist #Youngstarts Münsterland, not only the siblings Anja and Bernd Wieskötter, who took over the Wieskötter joinery in Senden, have their say. Management consultant and coach Dr Stefan Borchert from Senden also talks about his view on the topic of business succession.

For Anja and Bernd Wieskötter, taking over the joinery was a process that took several years. Nevertheless, it was clear to the siblings early on that they wanted to take over their father's joinery. "We were always involved from an early age," says Anja Wieskötter. This has left its mark on the siblings. Both completed a carpentry apprenticeship and received extensive further training in the industry. For the handover, they then sought external help and designed the process in such a way that the children gradually took on more responsibility. "It was important that everyone pulled along," emphasises Bernd Wieskötter. "Our advisor did that very well and in a human way; he always brought everyone involved along."

Why the siblings wanted to take over the business together in any case, what challenges they faced with the succession and where they see the family business in the future, they tell in an interview with Lea Wilkens (TAFH Münster) and Nikolai Brinkmöller (spieker media GmbH).

For episode 23, the Youngstarts team interviews Dr Stefan Borchert, a freelance management consultant from Senden. Since 2004, Borchert has been advising small and medium-sized enterprises on company succession. He acts as a link, helps with strategic business planning and assists in securing skilled workers. In this way he has already helped many successors to succeed. He describes his advice in the course of a company takeover as a "round process, complex and certainly not completed in three months." One big advantage he sees in a succession rather than a start-up: "The risk is much lower."

In conversation with Jennie Wolf (Münsterland e.V.) and Nikolai Brinkmöller (spieker media GmbH), he talks about hurdles that many successors stumble over and gives practical tips that can make a big impact in the succession process.

You can listen to this and all other podcast episodes at as well as on various well-known audio platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud, Apple Podcast and Google Podcast. Even more episodes are already being planned.

Behind the production of the podcast is the joint project Gründergeist #Youngstarts Münsterland. The project strengthens the intensity of start-ups in Münsterland and opens up new start-up potential and target groups with its offers. More information is available at

It is funded by the European Union and the Ministry of Economics of North Rhine-Westphalia within the framework of the ERDF call "Regio.NRW". Münsterland e.V. is implementing it as lead partner together with the following partners: Wirtschaftsförderung Kreis Coesfeld GmbH (wfc), Wirtschaftsförderung im Kreis Warendorf (gfw), Technologieförderung Münster GmbH, TAFH Münster GmbH, Wirtschaftsförderungs- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft Steinfurt mbH (WESt) and Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft für den Kreis Borken mbH (WFG).

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