Everswinkel in Münsterland. Info on holidays and sights
Everswinkel in the Münsterland
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In the midst of the wonderful park landscape


Everswinkel - Rural charm, a wide range of sports and leisure activities and a distinctive cultural life: A warm welcome to the friendly Winkel! Everswinkel is located in the eastern Münsterland region between Münster and Warendorf and is an ideal holiday destination.

Get to know the Münsterland way of life by bike

Probably the most influential manor house around Everswinkel, the Brückhausen estate, can be easily reached by bike. On idyllic paths off the beaten track you will come across wayside shrines and crosses. They bear witness to the Christian faith of the local population and still serve as altars of blessing during the annual processions.

Join in on "Up'n Hoff

History in action is offered by "Up' n Hoff - Everswinkel's hands-on museum". Here you can see or even try out historical equipment and machines. In general, Everswinkel invites you to take part in activities: cycling, hiking, inline skating, horse riding, canoeing, golfing, flying, swimming... Everswinkel is more than just a beautiful corner!

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