Garden at Welbergen House
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A secret behind ancient walls
Garden House Welbergen

Garden at Welbergen House

A garden like a fairytale - at Haus Welbergen it comes true. The romantic character of the castle grounds is enhanced by the wonderful garden. Partly overgrown, partly formal, the garden provides just the right setting for Haus Welbergen near Ochtrup .

Change of perspective - step by step

But you should start with a short walk around Haus Welbergen. The path leads along the Gräften through a small wooded area and provides ever-changing and delightful views of Haus Welbergen. The change of perspectives and impressions is truly amazing. Beyond the Lady Chapel there is still a former Renaissance garden.

A gem of great garden art

After the tour, you will be surprised by the extremely well-kept garden on the island in front of the castle. The garden, probably laid out according to baroque models, is a popular destination and photo motif, especially for rose and perennial plant lovers. Formal garden elements along the lawn contrast with the splendour of the flowers along the castle walls and the tree-lined surroundings. With Haus Welbergen in the background, the garden is one of the most beautiful unknown treasures of Münsterland.

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Important note

The garden at Haus Welbergen is open all day. No guided tours can be offered at present.

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