The most beautiful gardens and parks in Münsterland
Gardens and parks in Münsterland
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Green oases to fall in love with
Gardens and parks

Castle parks in the Münsterland

The gardens and parks are true treasures of the Münsterland. With their uniqueness and beauty, they ennoble every castle and ensure a journey of discovery for the senses. Baroque castle gardens, imposing and extensive parks or small romantic sensory gardens - the castle parks of Münsterland are unmistakable and invite you to discover, linger, stroll and relax.

Special gardens and parks in Münsterland

Münsterland is known for its impressive castle parks. However, there are many more gardens and parks that are definitely worth a visit. Elaborately designed parks are just as much a part of this as natural gardens and wildlife parks. Just take some time and let yourself be surprised by the special gardens and parks in Münsterland.

Picnic in the garden

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