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Cycling tour of the historic city centres
© Münsterland / Kai Marc Pel
By bike to the most beautiful
Historic town centres

Historic Town Centres Cycle Tour

Narrow alleys, picturesque corners, half-timbered houses and imposing churches are the hallmarks of the "Historic Town Centres" cycle route. Over 390 kilometres, charming towns and cities with a rich and eventful past line the route. The history becomes visible in the charming cityscapes from Münsterland to South Westphalia. Discover such well-known towns as Lippstadt, Warendorf or Soest and let yourself be surprised by picturesque places like Tecklenburg, Werne, Werl, Steinfurt and Rietberg.

Old, but definitely not boring

Cyclists experience every town from a different angle. House ensembles and streetscapes vary just as much as the interplay between old and new buildings, culture and nature, urban hustle and bustle and the countryside. Each city looks back on an eventful history and yet differs in its core: sometimes representative gabled buildings "testify" to the medieval heyday of a city on important trade routes, sometimes art and churches "tell" of times gone by.

Again and again, the history of the region becomes tangible and palpable. On its way, the cycle tour crosses cultural and religious borders and shows impressive heritage of rural and industrial history.

Surprises and distinctive experiences characterise the Historic Town Centres cycle route, which leads through a scenic and well-developed area for cycling tourism. Your cycling tour will also be a wonderful nature experience.

Historic town centres along the cycle route

The old town of Warendorf
© Münsterland e.V. / Kai Marc Pel

Around the historic market square, the Ems town of Warendorf shows all its beauty. Cosy alleys, half-timbered houses and imposing sandstone buildings - simply enchanting. The old town exudes pure joie de vivre and is still the centre of the town, and the historic stables of the state stud farm already greet you from the other bank of the Ems.

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Dia Old Town of Rheda-Wiedenbrück
© Flora Westfalica

In the shadow of Rheda Castle, the town has been able to preserve its historic town centres, steeped in history. The historic town hall, the picturesque Ratskeller and the former altar-building workshop Diedrichs are just a few of the wonderful sights. The two old towns are connected by the beautifully landscaped Flor-Westfalica Park.

The Riestberg Town Hall
© Stadt Rietberg

The "city of beautiful gables" awaits you with lovingly restored half-timbered houses from the 16th and 17th centuries. The old town is still the lively heart of the city today. A stroll around the alleys by the historic town hall is like a walk through the town's eventful history.


The townscape of Lippstadt with its historic buildings and half-timbered houses tells the story of past centuries. The most important historical figures of the town are depicted on the Bügerbrunnen. Many other sights such as the Jakobikirche, the Stadtpalais, the Metzgeramthaus and the historic town hall are worth a visit. Lippstadt - a wonderful stopover on your cycling tour.

View from the Wiesenkirche in Soest
© Gero Sliwa

Soest surprises with its neat half-timbered houses and the still almost completely preserved town wall. The history of the Hanseatic League can be felt at every turn in the old town of Soest. Cobblestone alleys criss-cross the historic town centre and lead to almost 600 listed buildings and the town's small and large churches.

The old town of Werl
© W. Henke

Werl, at the interface of Münsterland, Sauerland and the Ruhr region, is still an important place of pilgrimage today. Even in the present day, the pilgrimage church, together with the provost church of St. Walburga, characterises the historic townscape. Criss-crossed by small cobbled streets, the town invites you to take a stroll through history. In the museum on the Rykenberg you can learn much more about 7,000 years of settlement history.

The market place of Werne
© Nicole Neuhaus

The heart of the town is still the market square at the historic town hall. The witnesses of an eventful past can be admired on almost every corner in Werne. You should visit the completely preserved Capuchin monastery on your bike tour as well as the parish church of St. Christophorus from 803 and the Karl Pollender City Museum. The cultural-historical exhibition will immerse you in the history of the city.

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The gatehouse of Steinfurt
© Münsterland e.V.

The old town of Burgsteinfurt and the famous moated castle form a wonderful unit. Winding alleys run through the historic town centre and yet mostly end on the beautiful market square. Many buildings tell their very own story of the district town's eventful past. A walk to the historic concert gallery is not to be missed.

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View of the old town of Tecklenburg
© Münsterland e.V.

The old town of Tecklenburg is a real treasure. The historic half-timbered houses flank the narrow streets of the town, which find their terminus on the beautiful market square. Magnificent views over the Münsterland region and into the Teutoburg Forest make a walk through the historic town centre a unique experience. Truly a highlight on your cycle tour to the historic town centres.

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Historic Town Centres Cycle Tour at a Glance

  • 390 km
  • Circuit
  • medium
  • signposted
  • Multiday tour
  • Cities/Nature
  • Warendorf
  • Rhed-Wiedenbrück
  • Rietberg
  • Lippstadt
  • Soest
  • Werl
  • Werne
  • Steinfurt
  • Tecklenburg

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