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Many companies in Münsterland are particularly innovative.
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Innovation Stories

Innovation Stories: Success stories from Münsterland

Ever heard of an environmentally friendly labelling machine? Or a smart walking stick? Or a sustainable underfloor heating system? These are just a few examples of particularly innovative ideas from Münsterland. And they are all successful because they were launched as cooperative projects. Because when different companies, institutions or scientific facilities put their heads together, the entire region often benefits.

Enabling Networks Innovation Stories

As a regional joint initiative, Enabling Networks Münsterland supports companies and universities in the Münsterland region in developing innovations, implementing them and finding the right partners for the project. In order to show how innovative and at the same time cooperative Münsterland already is, the project also went in search of innovative cooperation projects from the region. The results are presented on this page. The Enabling Networks Münsterland project is funded by the European Union and the NRW Ministry of Economics as part of the ERDF call "Regio.NRW".

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Special story: Münsterland company in action against Corona

Technology scouting for companies

How can technological developments be recognised and used more quickly and comprehensively in Münsterland? This question is becoming increasingly important, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. To make this search for new technologies as simple and cost-saving as possible, it makes sense to involve regional experts and quickly exchange information on these topics.

The Enabling Networks Münsterland project supports you in this exchange process with various measures in the area of technology scouting. This creates special technology knowledge that companies, research institutions and competence centres can use to work even better. Take advantage of this expertise and find out more about technology scouting in Münsterland. For example, get support from the technology scouts or click through the tech compass.

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