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Companies with innovative products can apply for the Münsterland Innovation Award.
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Together. Sustainable. Act.
Münsterland Innovation Award

Münsterland Innovation Award

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Together. Sustainable. Act. The Münsterland thinks ahead.

Since 1993, the Münsterland Innovation Award has been presented every two years to Münsterland companies, universities, institutions that enrich the region with forward-looking ideas, clever developments and sustainable progress. Münsterland e.V. awards the Münsterland Innovation Prize together with the sponsors of the competition, the savings banks in Münsterland, Provinzial Versicherung AG and Westenergie AG.

Münsterland Innovation Award 2021/22

The Münsterland thinks ahead

This year, 16 companies were able to nominate themselves for the Innovation Award. Under the motto "Together. Sustainable. Act. Münsterland thinks ahead." prizes were awarded in five categories:

  • Business
  • Science meets business
  • Start-up
  • Small and smart
  • Digital business models

During the festive ceremony, Münsterland e.V. honoured the many applicants and, of course, the winners with their impressive achievements. All winners in the individual categories received the Münsterland Innovation Award, prize money of 4,000 euros and the production of an image or product video tailored to the company.

This year, the following five companies won the Innovation Award:

The award winners 2021/22

Münsterland Innovation Award 2021/22 Münsterland Innovation Award 2021/22
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Category "Economy": 2G Energy AG (Heek): "Hydrogen CHP agenitor 406 H2".

With its innovation "Hydrogen CHP agenitor 406 H2", 2G Energy AG was the world's first manufacturer to succeed in 2019 in converting combined heat and power plants for operation with hydrogen instead of natural gas. This innovation is particularly designed for surplus electricity from wind and solar energy, which is stored as hydrogen and can be converted back into heat and electricity by the CHP unit.

Science Meets Business" Category: CLK GmbH (Altenberge): "MultiCheck

CLK GmbH from Altenberge has developed the "MultiCheck" in cooperation with Münster University of Applied Sciences. The camera system reliably detects foreign objects in food production.

Start-up" category: Predimo GmbH (Münster): "ComputerMyoGraphie".

Founded in 2019, the start-up Predimo GmbH from Münster has developed "ComputerMyoGraphie". A procedure that not only analyses movements, but also recognises the individual stresses associated with them.

Digital Business Models" category: Cargobull Telematics GmbH (Münster): "TrailerConnect® Data Management Center (DMC)".

With the "TrailerConnect® Data Management Center", Cargobull Telematics GmbH has launched an infrastructure tool that ensures greater data security and transparency in the logistics industry.

Category "Small and Smart": Deutsche E-Bike Akkuservice UG (Münster): "EproSafe Akku Schutzbox" (EproSafe Battery Protection Box)

With its "EproSafe battery protection box", Deutsche E-Bike Akkuservice UG from Münster sustainably prevents house and garage fires caused by burning batteries.

The Nominees 2021/22

More about the Innovation Award

From creative developments to real success stories

Innovation as a vision

With the Münsterland Innovation Award, we honour forward-looking, clever and sustainable projects. Because the intelligent and far-sighted work of companies from the region has a significant influence on the well-being of people, animals and nature. Only with the courage for creative inventions and new developments do we improve work processes and pave the way for a more environmentally conscious future.

And we think that needs to be encouraged: Once again this year, Münsterland companies, institutes, working groups or legal entities can submit their innovative projects in five different categories. A renowned, independent jury will select the respective winners from all the submissions and thus turn creative developments into real success stories.

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More about the topic of innovation

Change, redesign, progress: topics that are of enormous importance in Münsterland. Because a company's or business's ability to innovate determines its future - and this has long since reached the companies and employees in Münsterland. Find out more here.

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