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Münsterland is climate land
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Münsterland is climate land

Climate protection in the Warendorf district

© Kreis Warendorf

The district of Warendorf forms the eastern border of the Münsterland region and borders the districts of Steinfurt and Coesfeld and the city of Münster to the west. The 13 towns and municipalities are home to approximately 277,000 people. Over 70 percent of the district is used for agriculture and is characterised by the typical Münsterland park landscape.

In 2018, 37 percent of the electricity required annually was covered by renewable sources. Thanks to the rural structures and the resulting availability of land, which a densely populated city does not have, over 200 wind turbines and almost 70 biogas plants contribute to this result. In addition, more than 10,000 PV systems on many roofs produce electricity from the power of the sun. By 2030, the district of Warendorf wants to be able to produce 100 per cent of its annual electricity needs from renewable energies.

While a good start has already been made with electricity, heat supply and mobility are still major challenges. However, both are also issues that the district administration is addressing.

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