Homecoming@Münsterland: returnees tell their stories.
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Personal success stories in Münsterland

"Do you remember back then ...?", "Over there we did ...!", "I will never forget when we ...!". Yes, beautiful memories simply remain present. And once you're back, I'm sure you'll hear yourself saying more often: "I can remember it like it was yesterday".

Your homeland is full of anecdotes, stories and similarities that no one can take away from you. But here in Münsterland you can relive them more intensively. And our moving stories of Münsterland returnees show you that the present and the future can be closely linked.

Homecoming: Katharina and Clemens Stemmer have come back to Münsterland together. Homecoming: Katharina and Clemens Stemmer have come back to Münsterland together.
Why returnees value the Münsterland
  • Job and family go hand in hand
  • Highly interesting employers from all industries
  • Work-life balance is a matter of course for many employers
  • Combination of rural idyll and urban flair
  • When will you rewrite your success story in your home region?

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Returned to stay

Find out first-hand why returnees have decided to come home to Münsterland. They all have one thing in common: they have come to stay.

Elisabeth and Frédéric Morel have moved from Hamburg to Münster. Elisabeth and Frédéric Morel have moved from Hamburg to Münster.
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"Here you get more of your life back."

Elisabeth, returnee from Münster

"Münsterlanders and Bretons are not so dissimilar."

Frédéric, new Münsterlander, born in Brittany

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More stories to browse

Would you like to read more stories from Münsterland? Here you will find even more stories from people who got to know our home region from scratch and would take the step to Münsterland again at any time.

Münsterlanden: Arriving in Münsterland Münsterlanden: Arriving in Münsterland
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Discover THE GOOD LIFE in Münsterland in all its facets.

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Eva Kleingräber
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Eva Kleingräber
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Birgit Stübing-Beunink
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