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With all our strength and conviction for Münsterland

Success is always the result of your own motivation and the right framework conditions. The first comes naturally in your home region, we take care of the second. We at Münsterland e.V. are very committed to the goal of positioning our region well in the long term - economically, culturally and in terms of tourism.

For us, skilled workers who are connected to their homeland are the key to a structurally strong Münsterland with a high level of identification. As the region's network centre, we are your contact for a successful return to Münsterland. With the Onboarding@Münsterland service, we are at your side and will accompany and advise you in advance on all topics that are important for your return. And of course, we are also there for you beyond that to make THE GOOD LIFE in Münsterland a tangible experience.

Birgit, Monika and Eva from the Service Onboarding@Münsterland team (from left) Birgit, Monika and Eva from the Service Onboarding@Münsterland team (from left)
© Münsterland e.V.
What we do for you
  • Advice free of charge - right from the start.
  • Network with employers in your sector.
  • Inform you about your place of residence and commuting routes.
  • Show you leisure and childcare options.
  • Give your partner tips on finding a job.

Get in touch with us now: We will accompany you on your return to Münsterland and advise you free of charge and without obligation.

Homecoming: We are here for you

Monika Leiking

"After only two years outside Münsterland, I was drawn back to my home. I have been living in Münster for more than 30 years and can no longer imagine any other city or region as a place to live and work. Münsterland, with all its facets, convinces me time and again. For me, one thing is certain: I want to stay here! I am therefore looking forward to meeting many new Münsterlanders. Welcome to Münsterland!"

Monika Leiking, Head of Service Onboarding@Münsterland, 02571 94 93 15, leiking@muensterland.com

Birgit Stübing-Beunink

I grew up in the southern Ruhr area and moved to Münster to study. I have stuck to the city - and I do so with full conviction. For me, Münsterland offers an exciting combination of city and country life, a high quality of life and a relaxed, confident attitude to life. For professional reasons, I also lived in other regions for some time, but I was always drawn back to Münsterland. Because here you can do one thing particularly well: live. I am sure that the new Münsterlanders will also see it that way. "Welcome to Münsterland!"

Birgit Stübing-Beunink, Service Onboarding@Münsterland, 02571 94 93 79, stuebing-beunink@muensterland.com

Eva Kleingräber

"I am a native of Warendorf and have therefore been firmly rooted in the Münsterland region since my childhood. For me, Münsterland is home. This has not changed even after a few stations outside the region. In short: For me, Münsterland is a region worth living in and loving, where there are always new things to discover. New Münsterlanders can look forward to this diversity. A warm welcome to Münsterland!"

Eva Kleingräber, Service Onboarding@Münsterland, 02571 94 93 13, kleingraeber@muensterland.com

In good hands in Münsterland: returnees

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