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A vibrant economy for your job

The Münsterland is pure nature, a paradise for tourism and a home for all those who think and want to make a difference - but above all it is a thriving economic region. Here, small and medium-sized businesses are becoming the most important economic component. It employs more people than anywhere else in NRW. And for years we have had the lowest unemployment rate in our federal state. We are experiencing dynamic economic growth and have an unquenchable thirst for skilled workers in all fields.

And that's where you come in: be part of one of the most important economic regions in Germany and come back!

Homecoming@Münsterland: Top employers are waiting, for example Ernsting's family Homecoming@Münsterland: Top employers are waiting, for example Ernsting's family
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What are the professional reasons for your return?
  • Lowest unemployment rate in NRW
  • Extremely strong SME sector with numerous world market leaders
  • Enormous diversity of industries within the region
  • Skilled labour in every sector of the economy
  • Location for innovation with many funding programmes

Find out what speaks for your return from a private perspective under THE GOOD LIFE.

Contact us now: We will accompany you on your way to a new job in Münsterland and advise you free of charge and without obligation.

Top employers and progressiVe companies in Münsterland

You have already decided to return to Münsterland, but are still looking for the right employer? Or you just want to browse a little, according to the motto "Seek and you shall find"? Then click through our top employers. Here you'll find a selection of special companies in your home region, including their location and benefits such as home office, family friendliness and job bike.

For current job offers, you can use the services of selected job exchanges and find a new job in Münsterland that suits you exactly.

Top employer in Münsterland Top employer in Münsterland
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TOP Employer
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Job fairs in Münsterland. Job fairs in Münsterland.
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Job fairs in Münsterland
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Company with vision - working in an innovative environment

Let yourself be inspired by our exciting innovation stories. With these short reports, we show you how innovative the region is and with which ideas people and companies have already been successful. Maybe there's a company there for you, too. Even if you are self-employed or want to become self-employed, you will find original and activating coworking spaces in Münsterland. Contact us and we will inform you about how we can support you in setting up your own business.

What drives returnees

We are here for you

As contact persons for all returnees, we accompany, network and support you. Get in touch with us now - by email, phone or via the contact form below. Of course, there are no costs for you. We would also be happy to inform you about our Onboarding@Münsterland service, with which we support not only returnees but also newcomers to Münsterland.

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