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Mobile innovation trailer: opentruck from Münster University of Applied Sciences
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The mobile innovation trailer: opentruck

Healthy nutrition on ten wheels

13 metres long, weighing around ten and a half tonnes, entertaining and informative at the same time: that is the opentruck of Münster University of Applied Sciences. In 2022, the mobile showroom rolled through Münsterland and informed people about a healthy lifestyle. The guiding theme of the mobile innovation trailer was health in rural areas.

Inside the truck trailer, visitors found an interactive exhibition that presented the contents informatively, dialogically and creatively.

  • Which nutrients are contained in which recipe?
  • How do certain ingredients affect the body?
  • How do I store certain ingredients correctly?

The trailer had these and other answers at the ready. Among other things, an interactive food pyramid awaited the guests on a touch screen. This was accompanied by an extensive food database.

Thanks to modern and barrier-free equipment, the trailer was a recommendable experience for all visitors. For example, the opentruck had a staircase that could be extended electrically as well as a wheelchair lift.

Eat healthy: seasonal and regional

The Münsterland is largely rural. Accordingly, the exhibition focused on the topic of "health in rural areas". If you want to eat healthily and sustainably at the same time, it is best to eat fresh vegetables and fruit from the region. The shorter the distances the food has to travel, the better it is for the environment. Seasonal products in particular often have a betterCO2 balance. So your diet not only has a big impact on yourself, but also on the environment and the economy. After all, you are supporting local farmers and producers.

Another plus: regional and seasonal products often taste better. Why? Local produce can fully ripen and does not have to go on a long journey unripe. You can see when which fruits and vegetables are in season in Münsterland in the opentruck seasonal calendar.

It all started with Schmitz Cargobull

The idea for the opentruck came from the "health suitcase" of Schmitz Cargobull AG - a mobile trailer with fitness equipment for the employees of the Altenberg-based company. After all, what already works successfully with fitness should also work with nutrition.

This time, too, a semi-trailer from Schmitz Cargobull served as the basis. A Wuppertal company then converted the interior so that it could be used as an exhibition space. Completely in line with the concept of the FH students.

A true Münsterland project

Many parties were involved in the opentruck innovation trailer - a real Münsterland project. It was already a joint project within the UAS: an interdisciplinary team from the departments of Design, Mechanical Engineering and Oecotrophology - Facility Management conceived the trailer and the exhibition. In addition, the Münster School of Design also provided support. Not to forget the cooperation partners Münsterland e.V. and Netzwerk Gesundheitswirtschaft Münsterland e.V..

But the business community was also involved. There is, of course, Schmitz Cargobull AG, from which the trailer comes. Various haulage companies and businesses from Münsterland drove the opentruck to its exhibition sites and BERESA GmbH & Co KG provided a parking space and, if required, a tractor unit.

Project mü

The opentruck was a sub-project of the "mü" project of Münster University of Applied Sciences, which focused on the topics of health, participation and well-being in rural areas. The project was completed at the end of 2022.

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